Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Megan got her groove back

Fall. The most wonderful time of the year. Boots and tights! Tights and boots! Summer was just atrocious this year. Too hot and too humid for my liking so I'm over the moon to finally have cooler temperatures. One big reason why is I finally got to wear the boots featured in the post that I bought in July.

I had a visitor this weekend - my friend S from Halifax! We did Toronto Broadway style. Or we would have if I didn't like to be in bed by 9pm. We went to the Art Gallery and the pottery museum and did some shopping in Yorkville. That's where I bought this dress.

Dress: Benetton
Tights: who knows
Boots: Fluevog Libby Smith (swoon)

Yes, I have these boots in grey and green but these are SO SHINY! And the buttons are BLUE! Heather at the Queen St store set a pair aside for me when they came in. Isn't that sweet? (and possibly kinda expensive.)

So I got this dress at Benetton. It comes in about 6 colours but I went with plain grey. When I was in high school my friends and I used to drive to the mall in Kitchener to go to Benetton. It was the bomb and I couldn't really afford much there. Everyone in high school had their rugby shirt and it was the style to bleach everything - even $100 brand new shirts.

I probably should have bought this in another colour too.

Look at my shiny boots! So shiny!

In other news, I found these uber vintage Fluevog boots at a store in my neighbourhood. Alas they were a size 6 so too small for me. I showed the picture to Kaley, who works in the Fluevog store and she went and bought them for herself on the weekend. Lucky ducky!

I would have killed for these boots in the 80s. I bet Amber had a pair.


  1. Oh my god, those vintage 'Vogs! So amazing. My size never seems to survive in vintage. Love your Libby Smiths - I need to wear my purple/tan ones again.

    I remember when Benetton was "the" prep store!

  2. Oooh those Libby Smiths!! Gorgeous.

    Also ooohing and ahhhing over those boots. They're my size too. ;o;!! Congrats to your friend for picking them up though! They're gorgeous.

  3. Glad to see you got your groove back, with the help of some fabulous boots. That is the perfect basic dress that you could transform with all kinds of accessories, jackets, etc. I used to have boots very similar to those vintage Fluevogs, but mine had silver toe tips.

  4. Cute boots, and they add a nice punch to the monochrome gray.

  5. Ooh, Megan flashes her wonderful long legs, that's good! All the better to appreciate your shiny new boots! xxx

  6. I also love autum, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are wonderful in grey.

  7. Oh, what amazing boots - both your new lovelies and the vintage darlings!!! I remember agonizing over which buckle boots to get - zippered or laces, beneath which width and number of straps; square, floral Western, or skull-shaped buckles; toe caps or no ...

    Sweet Benetton dress, and, best of all, welcome back groovy!

  8. Love your Benneton dress with those 'vogs! I knew the Kitchener Benneton in high school (that's where I moved to from Toronto) but I couldn't afford anything there at the time. Now I'm in Seattle and they closed down the only Benneton within 500 miles. Ah well.

    You know, I wanted those vintage Fluevogs in the 80s and I would still wear them today. Bummer about the size, but at least they went to a good home.

  9. Holy hell I love those boots.
    I hate shopping. I am a fashion disaster. It gives me anxiety. But you're pretty much shaped like me so I might stalk you for a bit and try and get some ideas - thanks!