Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Always believe in, because you are Gold

Title is from Spandau Ballet's "other" song, Gold.

Because today I was wearing these.

Fluevog Queen of the Skies | Midas 

Full disclosure - these are sitting down shoes. Whenever I had to walk around I took them off. But they are so pretty!

They go pretty well with this dress from Anthropologie (last worn here).

Wow. Looking back through posts and I didn't realize how long my hair was just a few months ago. I really liked it.

Hopefully I can keep up with this blogging again!


  1. If you get tongue-tied and can't think of anything to blog about, all you have to do is keep posting pictures of your amazing frocks and Fluevogs.

  2. Holy crap, those are gorgeous! Great to see you, Megan!

  3. Your bandage dress is beautiful, and your shoes always are!

  4. So good to read your posts again, Megan, was missing your amazing style and humour (reading your blog had become a habit). Also a leetle bit worried that things for you had become hideously overwhelming (as a fellow "highly sensitive person" I know that it only takes the merest, most mundane thing to drag everything off course for a relatively long time). Love all the black, especially the wonderful wrap tights from previous post.

  5. Those are definitely art for your feet - I would want to wear them (or carry them) to a fabulous restaurant and just sit with my feet in full view all night! The dress has got an amazing shape - very flattering.

  6. Oh dear those shoes make me want to cry, they're so beautiful

  7. What in the world is up with those shoes??? They are like an opera on your feet!