Monday, March 31, 2014

Killer Heels

My camera battery died after taking the photos on March 20 and I couldn't find the charger until last night. Hence my disappearance again.

Cardigan: Target
Dress: eShakti (last worn here)
Shoes: Thrifted (last worn here)
Slip: Vintage

Not sure what I'm looking at since there's just a blank wall there.

I didn't realize the slip was this long - luckily it doesn't look bad.

March 31

Again with the side eye. Doh!

Cardigan: Club Monaco
Dress: Against Nudity from the Coal Miner's Daughter on Queen St.
Boots: Anthropologie (last worn here)

Looking at this from the back, I can say that the cardigan is really what made this outfit work. Without it, the boots and the dress are not a great match.

The watch I'm wearing is an old Swatch of mine from high school in the 1980s. I took both of the watches to the Swatch booth in the Eaton Centre and bought new bands to make them wearable again. I'm quite pleased!

And while I was in the mall, I decided to peruse the shoe department of The Bay. Saw these. No way they are in my budget but I'd love to have these killer heels.


  1. Perhaps your wall is emitting evil vibes. Walls do that sometimes. Love your red shoes-the ones on your feet and the ones in your fantasy. I would display those killer heels as art. There is no way I could ever wear them but they would look quite funky on the book shelf.

  2. Yay! Every time I find you've posted it's like finding out I won the happy lottery! Love your style and attitude so much. And I should comment more.

  3. I like the orange slip. Must be serendipity that it showed itself so beautifully with that dress.

  4. You choose really cool pieces! :) I adore the orange/black combo - so dramatic. Love the boots! And I agree that the cardigan makes this particular outfit. Great watches! It seems that you have your own style since at least high school.

  5. Wow, I should totally take my Swatch in and get a new strap - I still have my 1985 one! I like that slip showing and I love those Anthro boots.

  6. The Swatches look just as cool now as they did back in the day. I like the orange crush you've got going on in the first outfit. I could never wear those "killer" heels, but they would look amazing displayed on a shelf.

  7. I just love all the red in the top look - it's awesome!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. your poking slip looks so cute and deliberate!, you look (particularly) gorgeous in red, and also love your mustard details outfit, that cardigan is really pretty and love the geometrical vibe!
    Those Killer Shoes are Amazing!!

  9. The orange slip showing is lovely, no problem with that at all. Cool boots, and although the "killer" heels are clever and sexy, I don't think I could walk in them! xxx