Monday, April 28, 2014

Amish approved!

On Saturday I was out running a few errands (mailing packages, picking up a few greeting cards) and despite the fact that I know better, I popped into Cabaret Vintage on Queen St. West. I walk past it twice a day and usually covet the clothing in their windows like this yellow dress. Not to mention the obviously fabulous bow tie and cardigan.

I found the yellow dress but alas it  was tiny so I looked around and found a few other items to try on, including somethings from their basement sale.

I ended up leaving with this dress.

Not quite the candid smile from last time but still looking happy to be in a pretty dress.

This is a little more covered than I am usually but I enjoy the slightly dropped waist and floral border.

The label inside says "Made in Paris exclusively for Mary Korolnek Imports, Toronto, Canada". Seems to be from the 1960s.

Dress: Cabaret Vintage
Shoes: Kate Spade (last worn here)

Looking back to that photo, my hair was pretty long and is now getting to that length again. I think I'm liking it longer.

And the back. I like how the pattern of the polka dots line up along the zipper.  It needs some TLC at the bottom of the zipper to resew the upper to the lining but I think I can handle that with some hand sewing.

What sold me on this dress was the floral border. It's a surprising touch on the navy/white dress.

Happy Monday!


  1. Funky cute dress!! Excellent find on it. I always love older things that have a whimsical touch.

  2. So happy to see you posting again, Megan! I love the coloured border on the dress - it really makes it special. Love your hairdo too!

  3. I love that kind of contrasting pattern - what a great find! You'll forget about that yellow dress in no time.

  4. The dress is fabulous; I agree, the floral border makes it extra cool. I'd wear it in a heartbeat! xxx

  5. The dress is gorgeous and the border is perfect! It fits you really well too, which is something I usually have troubles with in dresses. I don't know about you.

  6. I'm starting to slowly realize that you look great in everything. That modest dress, um not something I'd predict to look as chic and becoming as it does on you. Thank you for linking up this week. Muahz.

  7. Stopping by to say hello from Citizen Rosebud's linkup!

    What a score on that great dress! I would snatch it up too in an instant. It maybe from the 60s but you could wear that style through the years.

    - Karen