Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy birthday to me! (yesterday)

Yesterday was my birthday, and coincidentally it was also International Fluevog Day! Double the reason to celebrate!

Here's what I wore for the 43rd birthday.

Dress: Melissa Bolduc from Fresh Collective
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel in Bronze (last worn here)

Forgot to remove my dog tags. Whoops.

I like the wonky snaps on this dress which give it a little more visual appeal.

And I wore leggings...again! Stop the madness!

After work I went to the Queen Street Fluevog store to pick up some birthday shoes and to be in the "class photo" that is taken at 5:15. Apparently I'll get a copy of the photo autographed by John himself!

This DJ was in the house providing some entertainment. There was a young boy in the store who was mesmerized by him.

After the Fluevog visit I went to dinner with my friend Mary where I may have indulged in a few cocktails. Lychee martini? Don't mind if I do.

We got caught in a downpour, hence the drowned rat hair (apologies and good health wishes to Fred).

What shoes did I buy?  Something right outside of my usual comfort zone.

Daily Miracles | STUNNER in floral.

I'm in LOVE!

It was a perfectly lovely birthday.


  1. Oh, I love that floral leather that they do - I have sandals in it. I totally forgot about Fluevog Day (two outfits yesterday and neither featured 'Vogs - the shame!).

    A very Happy Birthday to you! It looks like it was a rockin' one!

    What is this legging madness??

  2. It was my birthday yesterday too! Hola, fellow May 15th-er. Hope your day was wonderful. And those die for.

  3. Well, you should be in love - those shoes deserve to be adored!
    Happy birthday, Megan! xx

  4. Happy Birthday! You were born under the Fluevog star, it was meant to be. That snappy dress is way cool, and your new shoes are making me drool! And I didn't even plan that mini-poem.

  5. wouuu, happy birthday!!, so lovely that you had doubled fabulousness!, fluevog day!!, sounds delightful and I'm absolutely fascinated by your new shoes!! awesomenesssssss!!

  6. The stars were obviously aligned to celebrate both you AND Fluevogs on the same day. Those are spectacular birthday shoes - not your usual style, but it's good to mix it up, and I would wear those in a heartbeat ;) The dress is very cute - simple, but the wonky snaps make it fun. Thanks for the good wishes for Fred, I'm sure she took no offense!

  7. Wowy wow wow~! Those boots. Also damn, I missed Fluevog day too. Course I was stuck to a phone all day for calls, so my shoes weren't seen at all.