Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did you get the memo, Momo?

This was a last minute wardrobe change this morning and it worked out well. I was going to wear this blouse with some high waisted trousers but it didn't end up looking how I imagined so I threw this dress instead. Was a happy surprise!

Blouse: Modcloth
Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: Fluevog Mini | Momo

I was considering getting rid of this dress but I think it has redeemed itself and it goes so well with this blouse.

I'm glad I was happy with how I looked on the outside because today was a challenging day to be a bureaucrat. At least I felt confident with my exterior which does wonders for how I feel inside.

It has little buttons on the back which adds some interest. I think this dress makes me look slimmer from the back.

And what can I say about these shoes? They were named after an employee of the LA store, Momo, and only sold in the LA store or on the US Fluevog site. A lovely knitter received shipment of these shoes for me and sent them northward. So happy about that.

I had a kid in the mall tell me these were the ugliest shoes he'd ever seen. good thing I don't listen to douchie teenage boys for fashion advice.

Did you remember to submit your TPS reports?


  1. The dress- and blouse!- are adorable. I think your shoes are cute. And I've heard amazing things about the comfort of that particular sole/heel style. It's always annoying to get unsolicited, rude fashion comments. I hope you either told him off or ignored him.

  2. Someone really said that to you?! Lame!!! I love your shoes! :)

  3. Douchebag teenagers, what do they know? Those are completely awesome shoes!

    I love this outfit! What a great colour on you! I think you look slender regardless, but you could always do a wide belt to emphasize the waist a bit more.

    Hee, I did the TPS report, but I forgot the cover page.

  4. That dress, those shoes - amazing. Love the outfit :) On your twitter background - the red sweater. Did you make it?

  5. Love that dress! It is adorable! And the shoes are too fun too! Great layering!

  6. Stopping by from the Layer challenge today and must say I ADORE those shoes!!! And btw the buttons on the back of the dress are so cute. Really liking your outfit today.