Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Layer up week fashion challenge: Cropped over long

Today's challenge is to wear something cropped over something long. This is a little hard to see since it's all black so I played around with the photo contrast.

Necklace: Forever 21 in San Francisco
Jacket: Le Chateau
Shirt: Lilith in NYC
Skirt: Secret Lentil
Shoes: Devastee from Founders and Followers

This looks a little rumpled. Ok, a lot rumpled. This top is very cool but it's difficult to wear properly.

The front isn't very interesting but the back is pretty cool. The shirt has extra fabric and ties which create a bustle at the back.

I took the jacket off here so you can see it a little better.

It might be a good idea for me to take this to the tailor and have them fit it to me a little better. It was kind of expensive so it would be worth it to make it look better.

I was very layered today - jacket, long blouse, skirt, underskirt/slip - I felt nice and flouncy all day!

I ordered these shoes off the internet last year and have worn them to work a few times. My boss still doesn't realize that the design on them is skulls and thorns - she thinks they are snowflakes. Ha!

Devastee is a fashion line by two Parisians and they use a lot of skulls, tombstones and ghosts in their clothes and shoes.

I took these to Paris last June since they're cute and comfortable and a strange thing happened. I was in a shoe store (buying the shoes in this post) and the woman working in the store wasn't very friendly and spent most of the time on the phone while I was browsing.

When I decided to buy the shoes she became a little more talkative so we chatted a bit. When I turned to leave the store she said "Hey, are those shoes Devastee? I went to fashion design school with the Devastee designers!"

She wanted to know where I got them so I told her from an online store in NYC but that she should tell the designers that their shoes are living a nice life in Atlantic Canada.


  1. I love love love the bustle effect of the shirt in the back! And all the layers of the skirt (I think I must have been a can-can dancer in another life!).

    I would get the shirt tailored more so that it's just as nice from the front - maybe even have the front hem of it lifted so that it scoops up? That would give it some more visual interest instead of that straight-across hem.

    The shoes are...insane. In a good way! Wow!

    Megan, you have some of the coolest clothes.

  2. ooh! I just found this. And yes, it's true, I'm sitting around on Saturday night googling "SecretLentil" - yikes - don't tell anyone. I love the whole outfit - you can never wear too many layers.

    best wishes ~ helen