Thursday, January 19, 2012

Put it on. And don't say a word. Put it on. The one that I prefer.

I bought this dress in green two years ago when I was in Vancouver and I loved it so much that tracked down the designer and asked her to make me another one. A few weeks later I received this one in this bright blue.

I didn't realize until I saw these photos how I seem to have mimicked a blue gradient from light to dark.

Sweater: Club Monaco
Dress: Sweet Soul from Vancouver (no longer in business)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Urban Outfitters in Las Vegas

What I like about the dress is the big pouch pocket in the front. Perfect for holding my ID card and electronic door pass. 

Aren't these tights crazy? I kind of think they look like ocean waves. I don't have a lot of clothes with which I can wear these. Luckily this dress is a good match.

I got this pin from Inkwell Boutique which is a store that sells handmade letter press paper products. Nothing like an ampersand in a good font. I thought it was pretty.

When I got home today there was a package containing a dress I ordered from Etsy. Such a fun dress that I can't wait to wear! Probably not tomorrow though - I have to wait for a warmer day.


  1. Holy moly, I love those tights! I like how the swirly pattern is mimicked in the ampersand.

  2. Incredible tights. The dress looks like it's a perfect fit for you. Can't wait to see your new dress.