Monday, May 7, 2012

And you may ask yourself, why is your dress so large?

Thank you all for your kind words about my sweet Jetta girl. We're missing her terribly. =(

I found this Marimekko dress at my favourite used clothing store, Elsie's, last Friday. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry so I didn't take the time to try it on. If I had, I would have realized that it's quite big.

Dress: Marimekko
Necklace: Meow
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Marc from Kick Ass Shoes

(Isn't Kick Ass Shoes the best name for a store?)

This dress has been re-hemmed so I'm guessing it used to be a lot longer. I think this length is fine but the width is a bit too big on me. You can really tell by looking at the extra fabric under the arm.

 I could probably have it altered but I'm not sure I like it enough to bother.

I do love the really big pockets on the front though. Maybe I can try to do a slap-dash alteration.

I added this Edgar Allan Poe brooch because Edgar's greenish hue matches the dress quite well.


  1. The dress does have a really cool print. I thrifted a pair of printed trousers Saturday that I just did a quick-and-dirty alteration on.

    I love the addition of green heels and the disgruntled-Poe brooch! Those are some pretty Kick Ass heels.

  2. The fabric is beautiful. Hopefully you can make something you love from it. Maybe even two things you love! ;)

  3. The dress looks miles too big - but maybe you can make something else out of it!

    I love the brooch and the Meow necklace (it's a like a little tribute to your Boo-girl).

    And maybe this is rude, but that person who commented "cute!" on Jetta's post should be slapped. I hate it when people don't even read what's right in front of them. I'll slap her for you. >:(

  4. I think it looks fine with a belt! And Kick Ass Shoes is a great name for a store :D

  5. Difficult to tell from the photo, but the dress looks quite simple. I think you would be able to do a quick and easy fix yourself, just to take in the sides and sleeves. The print is very interesting.

    I liked the Edgar Poe's expression :)

  6. It is a neat print! If you're able to alter it to not feel so baggy I think that would be great! And I love the "Kick Ass Shoes" store name, that is awesome!