Saturday, August 11, 2012

The aphids swarm up in the drifting haze

Another hazy, humid day in the big city today. I have to empty my dehumidifier at least once a day.

My new washing machine was delivered yesterday and at least 5 loads of laundry have been done. Whoooot.

Today has been a low key day. Breakfast at Cora's, a trip to Dartmouth, and grocery shopping. Boring.

Doesn't mean you have to dress boring!

Tank: Winners
Blouse: Dept (last worn here)
Pants: Smoking Lily (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Prepares | Guide (last worn here)

Humidity is not a friend to my hair. It's all floopy and frizzy.

These shoes always get a lot of second looks and they make me about 5'10". Makes it easier to reach the top shelf at the grocery store.

Is there anything more loathsome than grocery shopping? I hate it. Maybe it would be more fun if I enjoyed cooking.... Maybe.

You can see I included my froggy friend in the photo.

Earlier today I went to H&M to try and find some cheap blouses. I left with this skirt and the striped leggings in the photo.

Not sure why the camera focused on the image of me in the mirror - weird.

I've been trying to find a maxi dress of a similar pattern as this skirt. This will have to do. I think I wear this to one of the Duran Duran concerts later this month.

(I've bunched my blouse up underneath the tank top so it looks weird.)

Oh, I finished knitting something.

It's a tea cosy (duh) with a knit cup and saucer on the top. I knit it for a wedding shower that I'm attending tomorrow.

This is the first knit object that I've finished in MONTHS! The recipient should feel special.


  1. I love that you're so tall in your Prepares - you're way taller than me!

    Cool skirt and leggings! Can't wait to see what you wear to a bridal shower, lol! I bet it's a little different than everyone else.

    I am lolling about with my new tattoo all sore, but excited!

  2. Love the skull tank. I am kicking myself now because I totally passed up a maxi in that exact tie-dye this spring. It makes for a very cute skirt though!

    Adorable tea cozy! I haven't knit anything in a really long time, but I have cut out about a bazillion (okay probably more like 200) circles for buttonflowers. @_@

  3. I'd have guessed you to be already nearly that tall because of the fantastic things you do with outfit proportions.

    I just ordered the blue Guides last night - it was Sally McGraw's recent post which gave me the "Aw, DAMMIT!" and when the last pair in this colour on Amazon was my size and the price dropped, well, it was a sign.

    Congrats on finishing the tea cozy!

  4. I strolled through The Bay today where there is a Topshop and they had a sequinned tank similar to yours, but it must have cost a lot more and yours looks better. I love that little knitted teacup and saucer built into the tea cozy. I've never seen that before - it's charming!

  5. Love your knitting project and the recipient will most certainly be delighted (and if they aren't, they darn well should be!). I luuuuv those shoes, especially because they make you very tall. I may have to dig out my 90's platform Swear boots again this fall.

  6. Ooh, love the skull vest and those fabulous shoes. I like towering over people when I wear heels!
    That's a fabulous knitted tea cosy, I would be very happy to receive something that wonderful! xxx