Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Up the Oiseau

Early blog today because I'm home from work waiting for my new mattress to be delivered. The one I've been sleeping on is 15 years old so it was definitely time to upgrade. The delivery guys said they would be here between 11-2. It's after 12 now and no sign of them yet.

I got to work at 8 this morning so I took my photos right away so I took an outerwear shot.

Shirt: Papillion (last worn here)
Scarf as sash: ?
Pants: Lilith (last worn here)
Shoes: BC Footwear (last worn here)

I'm not sure I really like these shoes. They may end up in my consignment pile. They aren't as cute as I had hoped - they just seem clunky.

I've noticed that a lot of things that are in style right now are very "little girl-ish". Looking at Modcloth and Ruche and some other online stores, all the dresses are short with Peter Pan collars or cutesie patterns. I don't mind dressing like that sometimes but it seems like a lot of the style blogs are overwhelmed with those clothes. Maybe I'm reading the wrong blogs?

Look! I'm standing a different way (hand still on hip). None of these photos makes me love these shoes. I do love this blouse though.


  1. Hmm, I don't know. I do like the shoes, love the two-tone colours, but for me, the ankle strap looks kinda off... Still nice shoes. You don't own any footwear that isn't stylish, Megan. Unless you have a pair of ratty old slippers hiding away under your bed!
    I like the new pose! And I love the coat. And the fact that you look pretty perky for 8am.
    I am not enamoured of very girly cutesie styles. Or super-short dresses. I don't tend to gravitate to blogs that have all that stuff. I like a bit more... Hmm, how shall I put it politely? Maturity? Individual style? Less trend obsessed? More quirkiness? All of those. Anyway, I like your style, Megan, and I think you find your own way.
    Hope the new mattress is comfortable! xxxx

  2. I like the shoes from the side more than from the front, but the colour combination is great. I do love the pants and that fabulous coat! I'm not a fan of the little-girl style - it didn't suit me when I was a little girl, definitely not now. You have a marvelously eclectic, colourful style that suits you. Hope the new mattress is comfy.

  3. Fun coat!! I like some of the styles I've seen that you describe, but they can be overdone. I like a simple Peter Pan collar, but other things like short dresses, not so much.

  4. I like your coat! It is so full of life

  5. How did that extra "politely" get there at the end of my comment? I must have been anxious about appearing rude. Hope I wasn't! xxx

  6. I love the shoes with that outfit, in particular the sash belt! But for a regular rotation pair? Maybe. Maybe not.

    LURV the coat.

  7. I love your coat and so beautiful shoes! You look amazing in this outfit. Kisses x x x

  8. I like the shape of the shoes, but the top strap does stand out more for some reason. However, the blue-green combo is great, and I like the addition scarf as sash.

  9. Is the coat Desigual? It kind of looks like it...but also like Papillon's copies that seem to be proliferating.

    Not a fan of the shoes - the round toe doesn't ring my bell.

    I don't like the little girl look. Been a little girl; did that.

    1. Yep, it's Desigual. I got it in Paris when I got "our" dress.

  10. Ahh, the coat is so gorgeous. I like cute things, but it's so easy for things to veer into childlike (this is coming from somebody who used to love gothic lolita!). I do absolutely love your trousers.

  11. I find the shoes and their toy-like quality oddly appealing here, and with the pants like them better than our twin Guides (sacrilege!) - but if even standing a different way doesn't trigger your love-feelings, well, there are plenty of other shoes that will!

    I'm with you on grotty infantilized over-cuteness becoming ubiquitous.

    Excellent post title, btw. :)

  12. Im fed up with short dresses and peter pan collars, give me a decent midi skirt or dress, then Im a happy camper. :) Peter pan collars make me look like a 10 year old!!

  13. I adore those shoes and want to buy them. I found them on the BC Footwear website. Can you tell me anything about the fit? Did you find they fit small, large or normal? Thanks!