Monday, November 12, 2012

But right now, I'm gonna keep my pants on

Remembrance Day is a holiday in Nova Scotia so I got today off since I'm a government worker.  I slept in until 11:00, went out for breakfast with myself, met some friends for tea at a coffee shop and now I'm home watching last night's Boardwalk Empire.

Here's another pair of pants that I have shrunk into.

Sweater: Grace (from Filene's basement in DC)
Pants: RW&Co
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impulse (last worn here)

I'm a fan of cropped pants. Mostly because I'm usually wearing socks that deserve to be shown off.

Today is unseasonably warm. I went out without a coat and was more than warm enough. I'm pretty convinced that global climate change is a reality. Poor polar bears.

Back to work tomorrow. :(


  1. Don't shrink any more, Megan, or all your clothes won't fit! Love that jumper and those funky little flats are cute.
    A Monday off sounds good. xxx

  2. Love the effect of the blouse with the socks. Stripey goodness. I wish I wore more things that showed off my socks. I need to do that more!

  3. I slept in too! :) I'm about to get caught up on Dexter and Walking Dead.

    Love the cropped pants!

  4. Best reason to wear cropped pants! I love Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi - sigh.

  5. What an awesome sweater - loving the graduated shades of the stripes and the sleeves. Excellent socks!

  6. What a great outfit! The monochrome really makes your hair color pop, and the socks work out spectacularly with the blouse... Or is it the other way around?