Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gingham style*

(A few people asked me about the comment I made on yesterday's post about "my list of purchases". When you buy stuff on Etsy, it records it in your "Purchases" so I can see everything I've ever bought on that site. I don't record all my purchases in a spreadsheet.)

 Here's a dress that I found in my "off season" closet when I was swapping out my spring clothes for my winter things. It's another Etsy purchase (October 2008).

The top of the dress is jersey fabric but the skirt is a weird microfibre/faux suede fabric that picks up cat hair like crazy.

The accents are a red/white gingham.

Dress: Etsy store idea2lifestyle
Fishnets: Sock it to Ya (local store)
Shoes: Cydwoq (from San Francisco)

One thing I find confusing about this dress is I don't know what is the front or the back. Nor do I know if it matters. This morning I put it on both ways and this way seemed the best.

The side of the skirt has a cord in it so you can gather it up a bit to show the underskirt. Sassy!

What else is sassy? Fishnets with red seams! Work appropriate? Sure! Why the heck not.

I like how the fishnets and the gingham squares complement each other.

* apologies to PSY


  1. Are you kidding? Red seams? Perfect! Front or back, yes, this dress is on the right way. Beautiful.

  2. What a sweet dress - I love adjustable ruching. The red seams look so neat, coming off the tip of the back of the shoe. I love my one pair of Cydwoqs - I wish I could afford a pair of their boots!

  3. The dress is really cute, but I am really swooning over the shoes. I've gone cydwoq crazy lately. I especially love the shot of the back-seams of your fishnets. Totally perfect for tying the whole thing together.

  4. Cool dress, tights, and shoes! You do create the perfect-est combinations.

  5. LOL about the apologies to Psy. That song is everywhere it seems!

    But anyway, I love this dress! The little amount of gingham is so cute and fun. And heck yes, wear fishnets to the office! I love it!

  6. The dress has a nice 20's silhouette and it looks wonderful on you, backwards or forwards, up, or down! I've worn fishnet style tights to work and did get a few comments but I did not let that deter me. Fishnets with seams - even better!

  7. It looks like you put it on right to me, but I do love flexibiity in a garment :) You do have that 20s thing going on with the dropped waist, low-heeled shoes, and long chains - love it!

  8. Beautiful dress! Kisses x x x x x