Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Tattoo

Here's a picture of the tattoo that I got yesterday. It's positioned on my ribs on the right hand side of my body and is about 12 cm long.

This was taken moments after finishing so it's all red and swollen. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all healed. It's a purple finch and I quite like how it looks a wee bit perturbed.

The artist, Lydia (her Facebook page is here if you're a Facebook user) also posted a photo and said "3 hrs on the ribs and she didn't budge. that almost never happens!" I'm a Rock STAR!

After I got my last tattoo last summer I said "no more". I guess I lied. This one has a lot of meaning to me and I love it.


  1. I love it - so beautiful, and I love the expression on the finch's face.

    I know...I'm thinking about my next one already! I don't think I'm brave enough for the ribcage!

  2. Very pretty! I love it! I'd like to get a tattoo sometime, but still don't quite know what I want to get done, so until I have that part figured out, I'll wait!

  3. Ohwow! It turned out gorgeous. I agree with Sheila, it's got a cute little grumpy face to it. Kudos on making it through! I'm still sitting on the ideas for my first one. Well, I know what I want, I've just been too shop happy to put the money towards it.

  4. Love it! Still debating location of my next one.

  5. I love the colours and the oval frame! That is a looong session - total rock star, you!

  6. Beautiful! I love tattoos and can't stop adding to my collection. I remember you tweting about getting a new tattoo and then I got curious. Glad I found your post about it. Lovely! I also like the cat in the shoe (and the others). I like animals too and have been contemplating animal tattoos.