Monday, February 25, 2013


I've found myself drawn to all the studded shoes that have been available over the last few months but I didn't really want to spend a whole lot of money on something that likely won't be in style for long. So yesterday I found these at Aldo and they were on sale for under $40 so I decided to buy them.

Dress: Pretty Things Boutique (last worn here)
T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Aldo (these ones)

I guess just the red ones were on sale. I wonder why? Red is a perfectly good colour.

Plain, beige, red, comfortable. Not much really to say about this.

I was wearing interesting bling. I ordered this pin from etsy seller Vitamin G Designs. It's bigger than I thought it was going to be, which is a good thing. It's more of a statement.

It reminds of of my Mondrian dress.

I'm going to be off for a few day. Kisses!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Sometimes I'll see something on another blog and I get really excited and all of a sudden I've bought something I wouldn't normally have purchased.

Case in point. Forest City Fashionista made this post. It reminded me of going to the Public Library on Saturdays to watch movies. That's where I saw the Pippi Longstocking  and the HR Pufnstuf movies, both which made a lasting imprint in my brain.

So I too wanted to Embrace my Inner Pippi Longstocking.

Excuse the hair. I was just napping.

T-shirt: Carousel Ink on etsy
Skirt: Reitmans
Tights: Carousel Ink
Boots: Fluevog Radios | BBC (last worn here)

To be truthful, I wear these boots a lot, just not to work I guess.

So when I bought the tights I also bought this t-shirt. Whenever I buy something I usually end up buying two things. I like even numbers.

Showing you my inner Pippi. I wore these to work yesterday but I wore them with my American Apparel wrap dress and my Fly London booties.

The back of the t-shirt is my favourite part. Not sure if Pippi would have worn a corset. In fact, I'm sure she wouldn't.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Terminal tight blow out

Day 2 of having a perfectly wonderful pair of tights get a terminal run in them. It happening to this pair is extra hard to take.

Dress: Mode Merr via Pretty Things Boutique (last worn here)
Tights: Emilio Cavallini from Peek Brooklyn (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Queen Transcendent Jody Elizabeth (last worn here)

I knew I shouldn't have worn these with the detail on the back. I'm pretty sure that's what led to the run that started in the foot.


And these don't seem to be available anymore. I'll have to try and use my google skills to try and track down another pair. I has a sad.

Luckily I used my gift card today to order new tights from Peek Brooklyn. I'll try to be less hard on the new pairs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter white

During the fall and winter I tend to stick with dark coloured clothing. Today I went completely outside of my comfort zone and wore off-white head to toe.

Blouse: Vero Moda (last worn here)
Skirt: ebay (black version worn here)
Shoes: Nine West (last worn here)

I almost had a total fashion faux pas this morning. I had no idea what I was going to wear so I put on my undergarments and did my makeup as usual.

After trying a few outfits I decided on this. Then I looked in the mirror and


Ooops.  I was wearing a black bra and red underpants which you could see perfectly clearly through these clothes.

So everything came off, out came the beige underthings, and everything was put back on.

Proof that advance planning is essential!

Yesterday's skirt? It's in my donate bag. It was just too big. I thought about taking it in but it was cheap so I can surely find something better. And Sheila very wisely said "that black pencil skirt has to go! It's doing bad things to your bum, missy".

This skirt does better things for my bum, if I do say so myself.

These pantyhose? So cool but they're in the garbage now. I got a run in them today. :(  Oh well. Recently I won a $100 gift card from Peek Brooklyn so I'll be getting some new fun tights soon!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sucker for stripes

Elle Fanning recently did a candy/sweets filled photo series for New York magazine. Of the photos, my favourite was this photo where she's wearing clothes from Thom Browne's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which I thought was genius.

But then I'm a sucker for striped tights.

Today I wore a extremely toned down homage to this.

I came across more "witchy" than haute couture but I felt...rebellious. Funky.

Shoe pin: bought in Paris (last worn here)
Top: Anthropologie (last worn here)
Skirt: Pretty Things Boutique
Tights: ?
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (last worn here)

See, not even close to Elle's outfit! I really need black and white striped tights.

This skirt is also way to big for me now so I guess I'm in the market for a new black pencil skirt.

Ok, time to eat dinner and then watch curling!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Avec mes lunettes

YAY! I'm back to working one job instead of two! YAY! It was extremely relaxing and grounding to focus on my own things. I hope the feeling lasts through the week.

The weather here has been crazy. Yesterday it was +7C and pouring rain. Today was -14C and we had blizzard like conditions in the morning. It's incredibly strange. To me, it seems to prove global climate change since our weather patterns are changing and becoming very unusual.

I wore my hipster glasses dress with decidedly unhipster shoes.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: Eva Franco (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog On Course | Portside (last worn here)

Since the new Acting Director started today I thought I'd wear my tallest shoes. Psychologically trying to make up for my "failings"? Maybe.  They also work pretty well with this dress.

Red heels of happiness.

Speaking of happiness, these just showed up on the Fluevog website. GHU!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Stripey goodness

Today was my last day as "interim Acting Director" so I dressed the part. Oh no, I didn't.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: anthropologie
Belt: Le Chateau
Tights: Hue
Boots: Fluevog Radios | ARD (last worn here)

Last time I wore these tights was with almost the exact same outfit. Only difference is the dress. I wanted to wear the orange eShakti dress but it really needs to be ironed so I threw on this thing.

Not really feeling this.

Good enough for a Friday!

Have a good weekend everyone. In most parts of Canada, Monday is a holiday but not here. Poop!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

If you can't beat them, go completely overboard

Ah Valentine's day.

As a married person, Valentine's Day was an annoyance. As a separated person, it's a pretty good reason to hit the bottle. Luckily, I have dumped all the alcohol out. Except for the beer I bought tonight at the mall. But that's another story.

Anticipating that today was going to be a difficult one, I decided to just go totally bonkers with the red clothing.

Look at me embracing the day that is named after Saint Valentine. Even making a cute heart with my hands.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: Eshakti (last worn here)
Tights: ?
Shoes: Franco Sarto (last worn here)

Red hair, red lips, red cardigan, red dress, red shoes. I had put on red tights but it was just too much. Even for me, who loves red.

and a red vintage slip!

And a pin with a skull on it. To demonstrate my true feelings about this day. o_O

Here's an outtake. I was trying to take the above photo when my coworker came into the kitchen. This is me covering my tracks and pretending that I wasn't doing anything. I like the look on my face.

I'm currently sitting on my couch, with my fireplace on, my cat at my side, waiting for my Swiss Chalet dinner to arrive. Including apple pie. I'm making the best of things.

My coworkers were so very good to me today. As difficult as things can often be at work, it's much easier to go in every day when you work with good people.

So good day to you Valentine's day. I said GOOD DAY!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Hardest Button to Button

I've recently found myself car-less. Wha-wha-wha....yes I know this is 100% a first world problem, but I'm finding it hard to adjust. I'm committed to giving living without a car at least a month before I even consider whether I should get a new car. The telling point will be the first time I go grocery shopping. Keep me in your thoughts.

Luckily I'm cute as hell!

Cardigan: from Zellers
Dress: Joe Fresh (last worn here)
Belt: Le Chateau
Boots: Anthropologie (last worn here)

Last time I wore this dress with burgundy accessories, going outside my comfort zone. Today I just stuck with the black, green and yellow motif.

Today was one of those days where people were really trying my patience. Luckily I have good coworkers and friends who can talk me down when I'm contemplating jumping off the building.

And with that, let's turn out back on this perfectly frustrating day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 300


Wearing a shirt with shoes with spats on them, to be exact. (ok, that was really lame. Don't blame a girl for trying to be creative.)

But seriously, could there BE a more perfect shirt motif for me? I think not.

Shirt: Love Charles Vintage on etsy
Dress: Ballerina Cut-out dress (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Miracle | Meera  (last worn here)

Since this is my 300th post, I thought I'd wear my favourite new shirt, my favourite dress, and these shoes that I haven't worn in almost a year.

I wish I had some "spatty" type shoes that would match this outfit. I must keep my eyes open for some red buttony boots.

300 posts is no where as exciting as Sheila's 1400 but I'm pretty thrilled that I've lasted this long blogging.

Here's to another 300. Thanks everyone for your positive feedback and support!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue day

Today was unofficially "blue" day. I was chairing an interview panel and we all wore blue and two of the interviewees were in blue. And it was a long day where I was also feeling kinda blue. I'd really like for things to start going my way. Come on 2013! Bring me something good!

Dress: anthropologie (last worn here)
Tights: Joe Fresh (last worn here)
Shoes: BC Footwear (last worn here)

This is my last week as "interim acting Director" and I will be glad to go back to doing one job again. It's been a long 2 months!

Gotta go outside and shovel more snow.  See you tomorrow for post 300!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There's a fox on my ass

Today was one of those days that starts off ok but things keep going wrong and piling on and on until you just give up. The straw that broke the camel's back was watching my car get a parking ticket while I was sitting in my office. That's when I packed it in and left for the day. I'll be going out for dinner with a friend so things are already improving!

But can one truly have a bad day when you're dressed in red?

Top: Annie 50 (last worn here)
Skirt: Anthopologie (last worn here, almost a year ago!)
Shoes: Fluevog Hope | Promise (last worn here)

I can't believe it's been so long since I've worn both this skirt and these shoes. Maybe I need to subscribe to Sheila's new philosophy of wearing new things 3 times in a week in order to decide whether they are worth keeping.

I'm not sure these shoes are really my style anymore. They feel a little juvenile. But they're cute and comfortable so I don't really want to give them up.

Here's my bling. The beaver pin and the glass ring were in a package from Sheila that I received yesterday. It was a wonderful, happy making surprise!  Thank you so much my dear West Coast friend. I kept showing everyone my beaver all day. ;)

The necklace I bought in San Francisco a few years ago. So I was wearing a beaver and a pu$$y. (I'm going to regret typing that.)

And fox on my derriere!

Tomorrow I'm in a retreat all day so I'm not sure if I'm going to get any photos. I'll sure try!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday, break my heart

I was feeling under the weather yesterday so I didn't go to work. I was better today so off I went. For the record, I didn't get that job for which I was interviewed a few weeks ago. Oh well. I guess I'm to sexy for that job.

I was going to comment that I've been wearing a lot of black lately but looking back at my posts, apparently I haven't been.

Blouse: anthropologie
Skants: Melow par Melissa Bolduc (last worn here)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel

However, I did wear these shoes on Friday. Whoops! I don't think I've ever repeated footwear so quickly. Obviously I need to refer to my blog before getting dressed in the morning.

I wore these pants because it was -19C with the wind chill today and I wanted the added warmth. It was a good thing to since there was no heat in my office for most of the day. I finally clued in that my baseboard heaters were stone cold and complained to the building and they were fixed in 15 minutes. It pays to complain.

This photo is kinda blurry so I'll keep it small.

I'm coming up on 300 posts. It will either be on Friday or Monday since I have Friday off and may not post. I'd like to say that I've got something special planned but I really don't. Maybe I'll think of something fun between now and then.

Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to get cortisone injected into my sinuses. I've had this done a few times before and it's LOADS OF FUN. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Well I didn't tell anyone, but a bird flew by

I actually wore jeans on casual Friday. What the what??

Blouse: Papillion (last worn here)
Jeans: Joe Fresh (jeans last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel (last worn here)

Yes, my jeans are from Joe Fresh. They probably cost me $15. I wear jeans so infrequently that I've never been able to justify buying more expensive jeans.

Maybe they would make my butt look better than these?

These are about a size to big so they are a bit saggy. Maybe it's time to investigate the butt enhancing abilities of designer jeans?