Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday in the city

So yesterday I went to the Bazaar of the Bizarre. I didn't take any pictures because I wasn't there very long. It was good, and I like the stuff the vendors had on offer, but there weren't very many of them so it was a pretty quick visit. I did, however, ride the subway and the streetcar so I can say that I'm learning the transit system.

Today I decided to take the streetcar even further west down Queen Street into Parkdale. When looking for a place to live people didn't seem to think Parkdale was a good option but there's a lot of funky vintage stores up there so I thought I'd see what's what.

I ended up buying two dresses and a jacket, having lunch, buying some groceries and then taking the streetcar back to the Trinity Bellwoods area.

Here's one of the dresses I bought.

Dress: Pi Organic bought at Chartreuse Style  
Necklace: Curious Oddities bought at Fresh Collective
Hosiery: Wolford (last worn here)
Shoe: Shoe the Bear  (specifically these ones) bought at Heel Boy

First, yes you can buy flats at a store called "Heel Boy". I bought these to walk to work. I just can't bring myself to wear sneakers. I don't even own sneakers other than my sequined ones and I can't wear them every day. I've worn the heck out of these since I bought them. And the brand, "Shoe the Bear"? Such a cute name and logo!

I didn't mean to buy this dress. I tried on another one first which fit me perfectly so I knew I was going to buy it but this periwinkle one also caught my eye.  The last time I wore periwinkle was when I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding. I've always thought that it didn't do much for my pale complexion but I kinda fell in love with the back of this. I like how it blouses out at the top.

And comfortable as heck! It's mostly bamboo so it should be comfortable in the muggy Toronto summer. I tend to be a sweater so anything breathable is thumbs up in my book.

Here's a closer look at my necklace. What a harlot! Snogging with a man with her leg slung over the oar. It spoke to me.

Here's the jacket I bought at some vintage store. I'm not sure the name of it - oh well.

Anyway the tag says "Pant man. Made in Canada". I love the colours and look how perfectly the Zig-zag patter matches up at the button edges. Amazing!

I'll have to have this dry cleaned before wearing it since it has that musty vintage store smell to it. The pockets are still sewn up so I think it might be deadstock.

This next dress is one I bought and I can't wait until I actually wear it out to show it to you.

I'm going to call this my "Merlin dress" since the cat reminds me of my sweet black cat Merlin.

It's by Volt Design and I bought it at Brava on Queen Street.

ERMAGHERD this designer has such cute and creative designs. How would ever think to put a cat on a dress bodice, right between a woman's boobular region?

And then again on her bum-ular area? When I saw this I was all "bhbhbhbhbhbh...must have crazy cat dress."  I already have two crazy cat lady dresses but this one takes crazy to a whole new level.

Not sure if I can get away with this at work. I've got to wear it soon though since it's fabulousness should not be allowed to languish in my closet.

 In closing, here are a couple of things from around my temporary apartment.


  1. GASP! That jacket, that dress, both dresses! Man, I wish I could find such cool things just strolling around the city.

    I know how you feel about sneakers. The only pair I have now are my Arche ones, and they have shiny snake print. They're actually not nearly as comfortable as my cydwoqs or trippens are either.

  2. Both dresses are lovely, but as another crazy cat lady, I have to say that one is my favourite! Cats between your boobs and on your bum - why ever not? The one on the front looks like it's about to pop out of your cleavage. I say that as a good thing.
    That jacket is awesome, love it. And well done you for exploring and finding your way around. There're a lot of new stuff going on. My brain would be exploding with the overload, but I am glad to see you are made of sterner stuff! xxxx

  3. You're right that it's good we don't have the same shoe size - your storage situation would not be safe, even still in N.S! Spectacular dresses, fabulous necklace and jacket, and I want to come over for snacks on those TV tray tables. Don't they make everything more delicious?

  4. Ah, my grandparents had those dinner trays!

    I totally love the crazy cat dress - that cat reminds me of Vizzini. Am so envious of all your cool local shopping and designers!

  5. Wow, what cool stuff. Love the color of the first dress and startling back of the second. And that jacket! Lucky you.

  6. Oh, how I love your jacket!!

  7. I do believe I grew up with those same TV tables.
    The jacket is, gulp, spectacular. Same goes for the propitiously placed kitty dress. I'm glad you're finding your footing on such well-shod feet.

  8. Wow! that dress!?! I couldn't have left the store without it either. It's fantastic. Who would have thought that those strategically placed cats would work out so well?

  9. I read your blog a lot but don't really comment- but I have to tell you I LOVE the cat dress! ZOMG! :D