Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Another week is winding down. For the last week I've been craving spaghetti and meatballs so tonight guess what I had for supper? Om nom nom.

Here's the outfits from the last 3 days. I can't believe July is almost over.

July 23

Dress: Meg (last worn July 3)
Shoes: Fluevog Hopefuls | Assured (on sale!)

Yup, this is still my favourite dress. Bright colour, nice cut, pockets...what's not to love?

I may have accidentally bought these shoes last week. I was walking to the drug store and the next thing I knew, I was leaving the Fluevog store with a bag.

My favourite thing about them are the blue soles. You can't really see them here but take my word for it, they're blue.

The buckles tend to jingle when I walk. I pretend I'm a cowboy and they are my spurs.

July 24

I bought this dress in Guelph last weekend.

Dress: Desigual
Belt: Rudsak
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel

The skirt has a shiney red design on it which you can't see but I thought my shiney bronze shoes would look good with it.

I bought these shoes on my birthday. I've worn them a few times but I guess this is the first time on the blog.

I really like the skirt part of this dress but the top is kinda boring.

I kept futzing around with the belt all day. So annoying!

Whoops! My tag has come up for air!

July 25

The weather has been cooler this week so I broke out the man made fabrics.

Dress: H&M (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Miracles | Medugorje

I bought this dress for $10.00 and it was very popular with my coworkers. Someone called it "spectacular". That was kinda nice.

It is pretty awesome. I guess that's why I've hung onto it even though I haven't worn it for almost a year. That's kinda crazy.

Tomorrow night I'm going out with a friend. Tonight I'm tackling my ironing basket. Good night everyone!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Flapper girl, flapper girl; prohibition in curls

I got the title for this post from the song Flapper Girl by The Lumineers.

I found this dress at Meow in Guelph on the weekend.

Dress: Gap
Shoes: Fluevog Bellevues | Laura Evans (last worn June 28)

The dress is sheer so I had to buy something to wear underneath it. Just between you and me, I'm wearing a cotton nightie that I bought at Target under it. Don't tell any one!

I love dresses with drop waists. Or empire waists. Or no waists. These are surprisingly hard to find.

In the fall, Fluevog is going to be putting out these shoes in a grey and shiny red colour. So pretty. And those Libby Smiths! Mine, mine, mine!

Look! I'm doing a pose other than my two usual front and back shots! How cheeky. How novel!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Darn Hot

It's too darn hot. Too darn hot. It's 40C here in the city and I have no air conditioning.  I wish I was at work but I'm currently at home dealing with the ongoing aftermath of the water that came into my apartment last Monday. The carpet cleaners just left and my apartment is drying out. Here's hoping I get my place back together quickly. I was finally starting to feel settled here after my couch arrived and then BLAMO...flood.

So here's what I wore yesterday in an attempt to keep cool.

July 15

Dress: Pretty Things Boutique (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Teapots | ? (not sure the name of these)

This dress is cotton/linen so I was hoping it would be cool. By the time I got to work my hair was soaked with sweat as was the front of my dress. UGH!

You can see that my hair is a bit of a kinky mess.

I bought these shoes used from someone online. They are a wee bit big but they are very comfortable.

You can see here that there's a bit of room at the tip of the shoe. I'd rather my shoes be like this than to have my toes hang over the edge.

A coworker said that these shoes were much more sedate than my usual shoes. I guess that's true but they're still pretty.

On July 7 I wore a strapless dress to work. I kept my cardigan on for most of the day but near close of business I took it off. I walked past my coworker's cube and she thought I was naked so we took this nudie picture.

I can assure you I am fully clothed but it really does look like I'm streaking through the office.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

OMG you GUYS!!!!

Look what I found! 

A Zandra Rhodes silk dress! WHOOOOOOO!!

It's not zany like some of her other dresses but it has shells on it. Reminds me of my Atlantic Canada life.

and a pretty ruffle on the top. For $70!

I'm pretty chuffed!

My apartment is drying out and today I went to Canadian Tire (a hardware store that is a Canadian institution) and bought some plastic bins to put my shoes in. I'm having my carpet cleaned on Tuesday because my place smells like a swamp but after my apartment gets back to normal I'll be much more confident about putting them back under my bed.

Only one pair is truly ruined and they were not very expensive so I'm thanking my lucky stars.

Here's what I wore on Friday.

Blouse: Love Charles Vintage
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: House of Harlow 1960 (from Gilt)

I saw these shoes at Hudson's Bay a few weeks ago and loved them so very much but they didn't have my size. So I "Binged that shit" (googled them) and found them on

So flappery. So pretty. I figure that since I threw out a pair of shoes this week and lost a pair in my flood that it was ok to bring another pair into the house.

Now I need a proper flapper dress to go with these beaded beauties.

I'm not sure if this top really matches the rest of the outfit but it was nice and cool to wear on a hot day. I don't own very many blouses. I tend to buy dresses but when I do buy skirts I forget that I need something to wear on the top. I need to rectify that.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday, never looking back

So Monday was a little exciting here in the big city. After work I started walking home and ended up ducking into a building to escape a rather dramatic rain storm. Turns out Toronto received 90mm of rain in 2 hours. The average rainfall for the month of July is usually 75mm. Unfortunately I left the windows of my apartment open and had a wee bit of water to deal with when I got home. Then I lost power for about 24 hours and wasn't able to deal with the water in my carpet. Today I got home and my apartment smells like a swamp.

The worst part was almost all of my shoes were stored under my bed in fabric storage cases. Many were soaked and I have yet to determine the full extent of the damage. Hopefully they will be ok.

Here's what I wore on Monday before the drenching.

July 8

Dress: Lilikoi from Chartreuse Style (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Swordfish | Postmodern Slushy (apparently sold out!)

I bought these shoes my second day living in Toronto and this is the second time I've worn them. The first time was out for drinks with a former coworker from Halifax.

I'm glad I got them when I did since they aren't on the Fluevog website anymore.

They're pretty comfortable though they did rub a bit on my right ankle. I just slapped a bandaid on and carried on with my day.

Luckily I wasn't wearing these during the extreme deluge.

I didn't take any pictures on Tuesday or Wednesday since I was looking less than camera ready.

July 11

T-shirt: Club Monaco (last worn here)
Skirt: Twig and Hottie in Vancouver (last worn here)
Shoes: Aldo

These shoes were thrown in the garbage when I got home. I'd only worn them about 4 times and a lot of the glittery bits from them had fallen off. Plus they made my feet sweat terribly. Life's too short to wear crappy shoes.

I love this skirt but it wrinkles easily. It has a nice drape though.

A new pair of shoes was waiting for me when I got home so throwing these ones out wasn't such a hardship.

Tomorrow is Friday! I'm in love!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly roundup - with pie!

I just got home from a lovely afternoon at a craft show and then having pie at Wanda's Pie in the Sky with Rachel the So-so Sewer. Despite the intermittent rain and awful humidity it was a great way to spend a Sunday. Now I am sitting on my new sofa getting caught up on the last few episodes of the last season of The Walking Dead so I thought I should post last week's outfits.

July 2

Cardigan: H&M (ugh)
Dress: Anthropologie (last worn here)
Belt: Value Village
Shoes:  Fluevog Integrity | Amie in Neon Orange

After being so bright at the Pride parade I had to continue with the bright loud colours.

Orange and blue is my new favourite colour combination. It was a happy surprise that this belt I had matches this cardigan perfectly. Unfortunately, I bought this cardigan at H&M but I had to replace another blue sweater and this is the only one I could find in the summer. I know I'll wear it a lot though.

Have I mentioned that I love these shoes? They're currently on sale from Fluevog. I'm tempted to go and get another pair.

July 3

More orange and blue! My coworker said that this dress reminded her of the wallpaper from her childhood kitchen. I took it as a complement since I get that same vibe too.

Dress: Meg Shops "Prison Dress" on West Queen West
Shoes: Liebling (last worn here)

The best part about this dress, other than the print, are the pockets.

I would like a zillion dresses exactly like this in tonnes of patterns. I wish I could sew better. I'm sure there's a pattern out there for a simple shift dress like this. I have some cute fabric with polar bears on it that would be perfect for this type of dress.

I didn't intend to buy this dress. I was going to buy a different one but the sales woman convinced me to try this on for fun and I loved it. I loved the other one too but I couldn't afford both.

It's a nice match for my turquoise shoes too.

July 5

I forgot to take pictures on Thursday, probably because I wasn't happy with what I was wearing. I bought a "mullet dress" a few weeks ago and finally wore it but it has an elastic waist which drove me cuckoo all day.

So skipping to Friday...

Dress: Sweet Soul (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Faiths Low | Reumah
(last worn here)

I love this dress despite the wrinkles mostly for its front pouch pocket.

I'm not sure I love these shoes though. I may put them in my consignment pile or try to sell them on the FlueMarket. They are already quite on sale on the Fluevog site though so someone might want to get them new rather than used.

I love the wooden heel but I'm not really a fan of the wedge shoe. Maybe I'll give them one more wear just to see how I feel about them.

What do you think? Should they stay or should they go?

Now that I have my couch and a place to blog I'll try to be more regular with my posts.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Here's what I added to the traveling yellow skirt.

I was going to add a rainbow ribbon but do you think I could find any? Then I stumbled upon this sequin rainbow and thought it was perfect. I'm a little dismayed about my lettering but I guess that gives it some personality.

Here's all the current embellishments that are on the skirt.

Soon it will be winging it's way to Montreal!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show: Toronto Pride Edition!

I had the honour of hosting the Traveling Yellow Skirt this past weekend and I wore it to Toronto Pride on Sunday. It visited the parade, Cawthra Park, and Woody's. WHOOOO!!

First, let me introduce my pride guide (or sherpa), Jamie! He's my coworker and a awesome person with whom to spend the day.

The sign behind us was just a happy accident! 

Top: Vintage from Bitter Root Vintage
Skirt: Duh!

Standing along the parade route. What do you think of the neon orange shoes? Or Traffic Cone orange! I wore them all weekend and my feet were comfortable as heck.

We didn't last very long at the parade though since it was hella hot! I only got a few shots.

I really loved these outrageous twirlers and the silver painted guys (statues of liberty?). 

Gay square dancers!

I loved this dress and the shoes are very "Vivienne Westwood-esque". And the rubber ducky purse! GHA! That would be perfect with the yellow skirt!

Being too hot, we retired to the Disco party in the park where I tried to find fabulous people with which to have my picture taken. Unfortunately there were a lot of jorts and t-shirts! So I chose to pose with this birch tree.

And with my beer. This skirt is super duper hard to photograph in the sunlight. It just glows insanely.  In the above photo you see one of the clips I used to hold the skirt up since it's quite long and I kept stepping on it.

Finally I found this gorgeous woman who agreed to have her photo taken with me. WHOOOOO!

Then we went to Woody's where I spent the night among a lot of gorgeous men who had no interest in women.  I had an amazing amount of fun. Thank you Jamie for helping me make this post possible!

I finally bought my embellishment for the skirt (a sequin rainbow) and will be sending the skirt on to Ariane in the post tomorrow. (sorry it's been so long Ariane!)