Friday, September 20, 2013

A new path on the horizon?

Hello! I just spent two days in bed with the ICK. With CONTAGION. With PLAGUE!

Ok, it was just a cold but when you're alone and no one is around to wait on you hand and foot it can be overwhelming. I seem to be improving by the hour though.

So I have no outfit posts for Wednesday or Thursday but here's what I wore on Tuesday, September 10.

Necklace: Pretty Chic 
Dress: thrifted, no tags (last worn here)
Tights: Leg Avenue from Fashion Crimes
Shoes: Zara

I saw these shoes on the Atlantic-Pacific blog and thought I had to get them. So I ordered them from the Zara website. After ordering them I realized that I already own two pairs of pointy toed strappy shoes. I guess it's a style I like.

These tights lasted one wearing. What a shame since I love the vertical stripes. Such a bummer.

Besides being sick I've been dealing with a number of personal issues including the filing of my divorce papers. It's been a long, hard year of changes. Here's hoping I'll find my new path soon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Megan got her groove back

Fall. The most wonderful time of the year. Boots and tights! Tights and boots! Summer was just atrocious this year. Too hot and too humid for my liking so I'm over the moon to finally have cooler temperatures. One big reason why is I finally got to wear the boots featured in the post that I bought in July.

I had a visitor this weekend - my friend S from Halifax! We did Toronto Broadway style. Or we would have if I didn't like to be in bed by 9pm. We went to the Art Gallery and the pottery museum and did some shopping in Yorkville. That's where I bought this dress.

Dress: Benetton
Tights: who knows
Boots: Fluevog Libby Smith (swoon)

Yes, I have these boots in grey and green but these are SO SHINY! And the buttons are BLUE! Heather at the Queen St store set a pair aside for me when they came in. Isn't that sweet? (and possibly kinda expensive.)

So I got this dress at Benetton. It comes in about 6 colours but I went with plain grey. When I was in high school my friends and I used to drive to the mall in Kitchener to go to Benetton. It was the bomb and I couldn't really afford much there. Everyone in high school had their rugby shirt and it was the style to bleach everything - even $100 brand new shirts.

I probably should have bought this in another colour too.

Look at my shiny boots! So shiny!

In other news, I found these uber vintage Fluevog boots at a store in my neighbourhood. Alas they were a size 6 so too small for me. I showed the picture to Kaley, who works in the Fluevog store and she went and bought them for herself on the weekend. Lucky ducky!

I would have killed for these boots in the 80s. I bet Amber had a pair.

Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm taking a ride with my best friend

Some more catching up and hopefully I'll be back on track next week with the regular blogging.

First though I want to post a video of Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. He sang this song last Sunday at the concert and usually I'm not a fan of his songs (they're so sad and mushy) but he stole the show with this song.

I've kind of been watching this video obsessively. Depeche Mode should really consider releasing this as a single.

I wore this way back on August 22.

Dress: Lilikoi from Chartreuse Style (last worn here)
Shoes:  Fluevog Half Truths | Tanya (last worn here)

Black dress, black shoes, black cami underneath.

*smoldering stare*

This ends a long line of black, black, black.

August 28 - BOOM! COLOUR!

Jacket: Vintage. Gift from my coworker!
Dress: Meg (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Integrity | Amie in Neon Orange

I had to give a presentation at a workshop so I went for something peppy.  I began my presentation with "ARE YOU READY TO WORKSHOP???????"

I'm not sure if they were ready for that.

Today I'm actually wearing a similar amount of colour.

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gromit, these are the wrong trousers!

A few weeks ago I wore pants to work. Two days in a row. And one of those days, I wore JEANS! I really confused my coworkers.

On August 15, I wore these pants with my kitten heels.

T-shirt: No idea
Vest: Liliblue (last worn here)
Pants: Joe Fresh
Shoes:  Fluevog Half Truths | Tanya

I realized after I got to work that the pants aren't white but very much off-white so the t-shirt didn't really match well, but I wanted to be able to show the lacy back of the vest. I think it's quite pretty.

Then the next day I wore JEANS! This was August 16.

Jacket: Vintage
T-shirt: Duran Duran Concert T from 1984 found on etsy
Jeans: Not sure the brand
Shoes: Fluevog Integrity | Amie in Neon Orange

I got a lot of complements on this jacket. Probably because it's the coolest jacket ever!

These jeans do nothing for my butt. In unrelated news, after work this day I took the subway to Yorkdale mall so I could go to the All Saints store where I bought some.... jeans! I also bought a dress which I finally wore yesterday. I should have it up on the blog shortly.

Duran Duran BABY!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer

Yes I know, technically summer doesn't end for another 3 weeks but after Labour Day it starts to feel like "back to school" and fall. I'm looking forward to wearing tights and boots again. Right now I'm wearing as little as possible and my hair is in pigtails. Humidity is of the devil.

(I actually started this post on Saturday. It's no longer really humid. In fact it's quite cool today.)

Last week was very busy at work so I didn't get many pictures but I have a bunch from earlier this month.

This is from August 14.

Necklace: The Bay
Dress: Gap bought at Meow (last worn here)
Shoes: J. Crew (last worn here)

This necklace is all one piece but is pretty light because it's just made of plastic.

I haven't been around the blog world much but I'm hoping to come out of the other side of this funk I'm in soon. Work isn't overwhelming anymore like it was in August when I was covering my coworker's files while she was on holiday, and we're almost back to a full complement of staff again.

In other news, I have adopted a cat named Robin Hood. He's about 6 years old and tested positive for Feline Leukemia so his life expectancy isn't long but he reminded me of my dear departed Jetta.

He just arrived yesterday and one of the first things he did was to pee on my floor. He's home alone now so I'm a little worried about what mayhem I'll return to.

OH! I went to see Depeche Mode on Sunday night with my sister. We had great seats - not close enough to get sweated on but the band was very visible without having to watch them on the big screens. I took this video because they had great graphics and images behind them. Particularly this one. (which may or may not show up....)