Thursday, January 2, 2014


Thought I should revive the blog. I even took an outfit post on Monday (but forgot to process it) - doh!

2013 was a year of big changes for me and I thought it would be interesting to account for them here and see visually everything that happened.

  1. In February I was offered a job in Ontario.
  2. In March I moved to Toronto
  3. In April I got an apartment in an area where I wanted to live.
  4. In May I turned 42! The meaning of life, the universe, and everything! and I met John Fluevog!
  5. In July I hosted the Travelling Yellow Skirt on its Freakshow around the planet and experienced my first Toronto Pride day.
  6. In September I got to see Depeche Mode in concert with my sister which was unexpectedly moving as well as awesome. I also filed for divorce.
  7. September also brought my parents to the city while my father had surgery. My mother moved in with me which was interesting.
  8. I also got to see one of my favourite bands, White Lies, in concert in September and they are coming back again in February. 
  9. On November 12 my divorce was finalized and I went out for dinner with friends to "celebrate/commiserate". 

Dirty Martini. Sequin dress. Fresh manicure!

Enough of the list. Here's a "bathroom selfie" that posted on my instagram feed which I have been updating much more frequently than this blog.

For Xmas my parents bought me a table for my apartment. I'm almost a real adult again!

I found the chairs on the sidewalk - Free Chairs!

I really want to get back to blogging. I've missed the interaction with people in this medium. I'm going to try very hard!


  1. I'm glad you are blogging again! Happy New year!

  2. I have read in other media that many former bloggers are now using things like Instagram instead of the time-consuming process of blogging, but they'll never get me, muahahaha!

    Great to see you, Megan! Such a tumultuous year for you - I hope 2014 is full of happiness (and fun concerts). :)

  3. Nice to see you again Megan - 2013 was a roller coaster of a year for you. Here's hoping 2014 has less upheaval and more good adventures. I have an instagram account that I've been using for a few months and I enjoy it - it's perfect for fun little things that aren't worthy of a whole blog post...

  4. A big year. Lots going on. And a welcome return to blogging in 2014, Megan - I've missed you! Instagram will never do it for me because I like the talking/writing too much... Big Mouth, lalalala.
    So a grown up table, hmm? There will be dinner parties next, mark my words! xxx

  5. Wow, what a year indeed. So glad to see your post today, hooray!!!!!!

  6. Pretty big year! Even more exciting and fabulous things to come!

  7. What a coincidence - I was just wondering where you'd gone. Nice to have you back and I love your print dress.

  8. I am so happy to "see" you again! You have such a wonderful joie de vivre and fabulous style. Happy New Year!

  9. Welcome back, and congratulations on the table!

  10. Awww welcome back! I'm happy to 'see' you again. I miss my doses of drool-worthy shoes.

  11. Great to see your post today. Have missed you. Wishing you a year of peace and contentment.

  12. So glad to see you back! L'Chaim!

  13. nice to read you again!, and wish you a fabulous new year!

  14. Welcome back!! It's good to see you update again.

  15. You started your 2013 with a job offer, then good things followed. It’s just heartbreaking that a divorce needed to pop out in the middle of your year. It’s not easy to experience, so it's a relief that it has been finalized. Anyway, 2013 might have given you heartbreak, but who knows what 2014 can offer you.

    Lance @