Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fluevog and Comrags

Today is my last day off work post-surgery and I had a post-op appointment with my surgeon. An elderly man at my doctor's office was very impressed that I was so dressed up.

Had a lovely walk from my home to the hospital and then spent some time looking a pretty things at The Room at The Bay. Lots of pictures here on my Instagram feed.

On my way home I stopped at the new Fluevog store and they kindly let me use their new patio to take some photos.

It's November 4 and I have bare arms. And I'm apparently continuing my photo taking trend of looking for divine assistance from above.

Dress: Comrags
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel 

The dress is actually brownish with flecks of green.

On the Fluevog patio there's a giant Connect 4 game. Fun!

This is a picture I took a few months ago, in the #vogvault. If you're in Toronto on West Queen West, pop in and play around.


  1. it's nice to see you again!, and glad you're recovering of your surgery and looking fabulous!
    Lovely pics, and lovely shoes!!!

  2. What a fab dress - you always have such a good eye for interesting, sculptural pieces. I love those shoes, but the Presence toe does not like my foot. I do have that shiny copy in the Big Presence Desmond - do you find that it rubs off on yours?

    Fun Fluevog store! I wish we had one here! I have to limit myself to just one trip a, boo...

  3. I really like the shape of that dress. I will have to check out the new Fluevog store on one of my trips to the Big Smoke. Glad you are recovering well from your surgery - here's to being able to smell things again!

  4. Very happy to see your outfit posts again!

  5. You are back! Hurrah :-) I missed seeing your outfits.
    You do indeed look arty/academic in the new coat, very nice.

  6. I love the clothing patterns on your dress - they compliment your shoes so well!

  7. Your photo in their store turned out so much better than mine.

    That store is so much fun.