Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Ok, I didn't blog on Monday because I had my ballet class after work. I took ballet classes in my youth and started again this summer. This fall I enrolled in adult ballet classes at Canada's National Ballet School. My friend likes to say that I was "accepted" to take classes at the ballet school. Technically that's true. They have accepted my money. :)

Monday, Nov 9

Dress: Meg
Necklace: Meg
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Fluevog Writes | Simone

Despite these shoes being wedges, I like them. Contrary to popular belief, I wouldn't wear any shoe just because it was designed by John Fluevog. Most of them, but not all of them.

It's a subtle wedge. You can barely tell!

Tuesday, Nov 10

OMG this photo is so terrible! I have forgotten what I'm doing! UGH!  But the dress is pretty.

Dress: Comrags
Shoes: Fluevog Tank | Linda

OMG and I just noticed there's paper towel on the floor.  I can't believe I'm posting this. Blame the dress.

I'm off work today for the Remembrance Day holiday so no outfit post.

I'm goingg to have to figure out a better place for these photos or get some help. I'm embarrassed!


  1. I nearly bought the Simone's, but missed them in my size - I love the optical illusion of the wedge on them.

    I have considered taking my winter pics at work, due to the poor lighting at home in the mornings, however, my office is always busy and I'm worried I'll be spotted. Not that that would be the end of the world, but eh, I don't want to share that much of my real life.

  2. I don't pay attention to the background in your photos, just your outfits! I'm lucky to have a little space in the stairwell here at work with lots of natural light that I can used for photos, if I can actually find someone to take them. That's cool about the adult ballet classes - I took ballet classes in my early 20's and really enjoyed them, but didn't have the drive or the flexibility to continue them. My hips would complain very loudly if I tried them now, I'm sure.

  3. Ha ha ha I like what you said about popular believe. Love that you came back to your blog!


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