Sunday, February 5, 2012

Layer up week Fashion Challenge: Dress over pants

 Here's yesterday's outfit to round out the challenge.

Sweater: Anthropologie
Dress: Smoking Lily
Boots: Fluevog Fellowship | Heather

I used to do the dress over pants look a lot. In winter, it's actually a good style because it's extra insulation.

I usually wear these jeans on the weekend. For some reason I really like the wide cropped leg look. I have a co-worker who really doesn't like the "short pants" looks that I generally prefer. She thinks pants should cover most of your shoes but I disagree. Why are shoes so pretty then?



  1. I love this outfit. Especially the squirrel sweater!

  2. I laos love a dress over trousers, it seems to have gone out of fashion at some point around 2000, but I still love it! amazing cardie too!

  3. I wouldn't wear these pants myself but I have to say that they look amazing on you!!! :D

  4. Ah! Love the sweater. I like your alternative shapes and pairings of clothes. It's always very inspiring. Proportion is always something fun to play with. My personal preference is to create an exaggerated waistline, but creating outfits to show off your incredible shoes is always my favorite!