Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Devil with a blue dress on

Today I felt like a whirling dervish all day and finally I realized it's because I hadn't taken some of my medications for two days. I rectified that right away but in the meantime I had amazing mood swings, I couldn't concentrate and I even took a picture of myself sitting under my desk. Admit it though, who hasn't wanted to do that? (I can't believe I'm sharing this but what the hell.)

I'm feeling much better now, thank you very much.

Blouse: Club Monaco
Dress: eShakti
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Marc O'Polo (from Frankfurt, Germany)

The best things about this dress are 1) it has pockets and 2) the cross front on the bodice has a button on it to keep it in place and 3) the empire waist.

I'm not sure what my position is on maxi-dresses. I find them difficult to walk in but I also think they are comfortable and kind of cozy. It's still cold here so I'm still keeping warmth in mind when picking outfits.

I'm even still wearing tights. If I have to wear tights then I might as well wear my funkiest.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 15C and sunny but that's not quite warm enough for me to risk bare legs.

I bought these shoes in Frankfurt a few years ago because I had been walking around all day and my feet were killing me. We had just finished a cruise (which was a disaster but that's a story for another day) and I had only brought TWO PAIRS OF SHOES for the entire trip, neither of which were very comfortable.

These are probably the plainest shoes I own. Plain, grey flats. Yawn!

Hey Everybody! It's time for the meeeeeeting!


  1. The tights are like a fun secret underneath the dress! I love a good dress with pockets!

  2. I love this dress! I adore maxi skirts, and don't mind wearing them for the office, but maxi dresses often feel too casual for me. Maybe that's something I can challenge myself with in one of the warmer months this year.

    Love the tights, and I have done the same thing on holiday! I bought a pair of shoes in NYC because I stupidly didn't take comfy shoes.

    I'm game: I'll take a picture of myself under my desk if you do! :)

    I mailed your package today! It will probably take a couple of weeks (just regular mail). I put a little something extra in for you.

  3. Nooooooo, I hate meetings!

    I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get to see the under-the-desk pic :)

    I'm way short, but still love a good maxi dress. That one has terrific lines.

  4. Wow! I'm usually kind of anti-maxi, I think they can be overwhelming, however I adore a maxi with shape. The drape on the dress is great, bonus that the wrap has a button to prevent gaps.

    And omgomgomg I love those tights. I love all your tights, but those are one of my fav pairs.

    It's definitely been a crazy time of year. Sorry you had an off time! I'd happily crawl under my desk these days if only to snag a nap.

  5. Oh! And btw, I totally kept the shoe box you sent to keep things in under my desk. The colors go perfectly with all my desk things (pinks and greens). Hubs calls it my "sweet'n'low box"

  6. Love those tights! I am starting to miss tights already, it's been warm enough here to forgo tights and I have to say I do kind of miss them!

    I think this is a great dress on you. I used to not really dig the maxi thing either, but I have found a couple that aren't too bad. I have to agree that they can be kind of hard to walk in sometimes!