Friday, May 18, 2012

No power suits here

I had my job interview today and since I don't own a "power suit" I had to make something up. That's more fun anyway!

Pin: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."
Sweater: Smart Set
Dress: Tristan in NYC
Shoes: Poetic License from ModCloth

These shoes make me happy so I thought they would help with my confidence. And a basic shirt dress is classic and not too flashy.

This sweater is on its last legs. It's stretched out and pilly and probably not worth donating so I'm going to pitch it out soon or relegate it to weekend wear.

I had to wear the sweater to cover up the scandalous tattoos. The HORROR!

My interview wasn't great but it was my first one in 7 years so I'm not stressing about it too much. I'd be sad to leave my current job since I like the work I do and the people I work with but it would be nice to have a change as well. So I'm being a little laissez-faire about the whole thing.

At the end I did decide to throw in that "I have a wonderful sense of style" as a reason for why they should hire me. Think it will work? It would take a miracle.

The back of this dress is pretty interesting so it try to not keep it covered up all the time.

So glad that it's Friday! Happy Weekend!


  1. I hope the interview went well! I think having good style is a perfectly good job skill! Love your shoes!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think you have to bring up your sense of style, that artistic side of you, in an interview - I definitely found that many companies actually value that for the vibe around the office. They like quirky.

    This is an amazing outfit - the shoes are perfection. I just love Poetic License. That is a really lovely dress, too. Classic!

    I hope things work out with the possible job change!

  3. Soooo cool to find another Canadian blogger who is over 40 and has awesome style!!! Love the shirtdress but YIKES - the SHOES! I looked at your older posts and you have the most drool-worthy shoe collection. I am suffering from serious footwear envy.

  4. What a great fun alternative to a stuffy suit like 2 people look good in.

    Although that dress isn't quite right. So you should put it in an envelope and send to me :)
    No? Damn!

  5. Those shoes! Gorgeous! I'm sure your interview outfit choice will definitely make you stand out from the powersuit wearers.

  6. I hope you land it. When do you find out?
    Lovely outfit, very elegant!