Friday, September 28, 2012

New dress

This is the new dress I bought when I got the bird blouse.

Necklace: etsy
Dress: Papillon
Shoes: Fluevog Fellowship Tennessee

Funny story. The hose I'm wearing are thigh highs that I got at Victoria's Secret. They stayed up pretty well all day until I got off the bus after work. I was juggling my purse, another bag and my phone when I realized that the left one had come unstuck from my leg and was starting to roll down. I tried to hike it up but it got away from me - down to my ankle. On a main street. During rush hour.

Ever lose your dignity in a public place like that?


  1. Fabulous dress, love the pattern growing up from the hem! Oh yes, I have had both legs of my (long-ago) pantyhose creep down below my knees whilst on public transportation. And we are not going to talk about tucking skirt backs into tights after using the restroom, are we?? : o

  2. Pretty dress - I've bought a few Papillon items in the past.

    Ha, sorry, I'm not really laughing AT you. :) Really! I had a front-closure bra pop open while running for the bus once. Major embarrassment...

  3. Oh bless your heart, Megan! You are way braver than me; I always feel like I have crotch-drop in regular pantyhose, so have no faith in thigh highs :p Although I have done those trouser hose knee highs with really long dresses.

    For me, it's typically coming home to discover a shirt button has come undone, and I've been unknowing flashing the world all day.

    Very cool dress.

  4. Ohmy! I once stuck my foot on a skirt and nearly pulled it to my knees. Probably one of the reasons I avoided skirts and dresses for a long time.

    Your new dress is fabulous, love the Fluevogs too.

  5. From thigh high to knee high to ankle sock, all as you step off the bus... You've got class, Megan, love it! I am constantly embarrassing myself, things popping open, riding up, falling down... I seem to fall over a lot too, or walk into things. All part of my clumsy charm, I like to think.
    Anyway, the new dress is a beauty, liking the legs being on show, whatever the state of the hose! xxxx

  6. HA! Oh my yes! I have all but given up on thigh-highs as I am 5'11'' and they are not so much thigh highs as knee socks on me. I once tried a pullover sweater on in a secondhand shop, and it was waaaay too small for me, so when I filnally was able to pull it off, it took my tee shirt with it and left me standing in the middle of the shop in my bra. It took me a minute to realize what had append, after which I dove into a rack of clothes and yelled for my sister, who was with me, to come sort it out for me. Aaah, memories. At least you'll never forget your thigh-high incident.

  7. eep! How did you deal with it?! Good if you strode off home, with one foot like a hoof, surrounded in stocking....

  8. ooo, the falling-down-hosiery tragedy! Yes. My old tights lost all their elasticity in the final block to my home. I was wearing a maxi skirt so nobody could tell but I had to take baby steps with the tights around my knees.

    I found out that if you wear another pair of tights or hose - which I know sucks except in winter - underneath the thigh-highs, the thigh-highs don't fall down. The friction with the underlying fabric keeps them up. Fantastic dress.

  9. I had a very similar "Thigh-high" incident some years back, so I can sympathize with your predicament. Very cool pattern on the dress!

  10. Gorgeous pattern variegation! I can see why it had to come home with you.

    Rats on wardrobe malfunctions - I'm another blouse-button-flasher as well as a thigh-seam-disintegrator, but usual episodes have more to do with my spectacular klutziness. :)

  11. I'll admit it, I've been lurking here without ever posting a comment (bad!). But, I simply must know what shop carries both that adorable birdie blouse AND this fabulous dress! Don't hold out on me ;)

    1. not sure where you live but in Halifax I got them at Samuel and Co. Papillion is a fairly common brand though.

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