Thursday, April 11, 2013

The view from our room is a gloomy and overcast grey.

Such a grey, snowy, rainy, ice pellety day here in the big city. Instead of walking to work in the horrible weather I took the streetcar. Fun! I ended up at work about 45 minutes early though. I'm still feeling sick. The cold's moved into my lungs. I hope it's better tomorrow since I'm supposed to be going to a concert.

I'm currently lying in bed drinking tea and watching Sons of Anarchy. I wish I was in my own place and in my own bed but this will do for now.

Shirt: Oak + Fort
Skirt: Ziliotto (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel (last worn here)

This was a very comfortable outfit to wear when not feeling very well. Not too clingy, not too casual.

And I dressed it up with the jewellery.

And the back  of this top is kinda interesting and drapey.

Tomorrow will be another rainy day and I'm going to be in training all morning, then going out for an office lunch, and then having a meeting all afternoon. It's going to be busy.


  1. I think it is hard, being ill on your own. I do hope you feel better soon, especially as you have plans for a concert and a busy day scheduled tomorrow.
    Love that necklace, the tights, and the cute little whirlpool on your bum! xxxxxx

  2. Ooh, what concert? I hope your cold eases up on you for it.

    Great top - the back is so neat! I love your eye for the unusual, especially when it comes to cut.

  3. As Curtise mentioned, it is hard to be sick when you live on your own - nothing gets done, and it's all you can do to look after yourself! Hope your cold eases up for the weekend!

  4. amazing back of your top! looks charming on you.

  5. wish you get well soon!, stay stylist with all that pretty bijouterie, pretty shaped clothes and fabulous shoes!

  6. Totally jealous of your ability to look so cool in dove grey. Also that skirt and the pockets make my heart sing.

    I'm sorry about the ear infection! I hope you're feeling better soon. It's gotta be rough having just moved and then getting sick.

  7. I love how the sides of the skirt echo the draped back of the top, and the colours of your jewellery tone in.
    Get well soon - your strength of character really shines through in your blog.