Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Happy Birthday to my sister today!

So last Saturday I was having breakfast alone at The Lakeview (as I do). I was wearing Fluevogs (as I do). When I got up to pay a young lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked "Are you The Fashionable Bureaucrat"?

IEEEE!! I covered my face with my hands. She said she doesn't read my blog but when she searches on the Google for Fluevog shoes so she can see how they look on people's feet she often gets pictures of me. I'm happy to provide a valuable public service to the community!

This has only happened to me 4 times and each time was in Toronto. It's startling!

Anyway, I just got back from a meeting in Ottawa so no outfit photos for Monday or Tuesday but here's what I wore on Friday.

March 14

T-shirt: Duran Duran 2014 VIP Fan Club Swag
Skirt: Modcloth 
Shoes: Fluevog Integrity | Arabella (last worn here)

When I got to work on Friday I wasn't wearing this body chain but my coworker makes and sells jewelry on etsy called Faire de la Mode and I had told her I wanted to buy this so she brought it in for me!

It was a happy accident that it matched this t-shirt pretty awesomely.

It's a little tangled up here at the back. I guess I needed a helper to get me ready for my photo shoot.

Duran Duran BABY!

And finally, at yesterday's meeting in Ottawa my coworker and I were both wearing Fluevogs. I'm wearing the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz shoe and she is wearing vintage Harlow shoes which I covet. We wear the same size shoe...Hmmm...


  1. Love the entire outfit and body chain of course :)

  2. lovely outfit, your skirt has a pretty steampunk print , absolutely adorable, love your shoes (as usual) and your new body chain!, awesome!

  3. Love the body chain! It makes the tee shirt pop imo. The gold looks perfect. Drooling over the vogs as usual. I need to break out mine as the weather gets better.

  4. I love the body chain - how cool! I have those same Listen Up Harlows - dear god? Vintage? More like 7 or 8 years ago!

  5. You're famous! And Fluevog hasn't signed you up as their spokesmodel yet? I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

    Amazing body jewelry!

  6. Val is right - Fluevog should definitely be giving you a frequent flyer discount or a free pair of shoes every year for all the publicity you give them! I like the body chain over the t-shirt - definitely ups the "cool" factor.

  7. Well, hey there, I've just found your bog via 'This Is CorpGoth'. I simply hadto stop by and note how much I love this outfit, every single piece of it. ^^