Friday, September 21, 2012

Peter Pan Getaway Boots

In the 1980s, short booties like this were called "peter pan getaway boots". I don't know why other than they look like the boots that Peter Pan would have worn.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Tunic/Dress: Meow (last worn here)
Jeans: Trapper Jane
Socks: bought in Paris I think
Boots: Fluevog 11th Hour (last worn here)

It was pouring rain today so my hair went FWOOM as soon as I walked outside. Even flat ironing it doesn't make a difference.

I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I'm hoping I'll get some tonight and even sleep in tomorrow. How novel!

I'm currently watching last night's Daily Show. When did Bill Clinton become Jimmy Carter? They look like twins now.

Today after work I ran some errands and learned that I've been wearing the wrong bra size my entire
 life. Like completely! 


  1. The first time I was fitted for a bra was a revelation. I'm a 34DD - always wore a 36C. Crazy!

    I love that tunic top - it's so diaphanous! My hair goes wavy if you look at it, especially the swoop of my bangs. Ya gotta just roll with it. :)

    Love those Fluevogs!

    I hope you get lots of sleep, hon. :)

  2. I still think those are super cute boots. I love the pointed toes.

    Congrats on finding the right bra size! I finally found my right size when I was 20. Though stupid boobs keep changing with my weight. Hope you got some pretty new underthings!

  3. I think it's always worth getting measured and fitted, most women are wearing the wrong bra size, apparently. I like a good fitting bra!
    In the early 80s, we always called ankle boots pixie boots, presumably for similar reasons as your Peter Pan reference. I had a blue suede turnover top pair, which I thought made me look suitably New Romantic. I know, I was deluded...
    Love your pretty tunic. Hope you get lots of lovely sleep this weekend. xxxx

  4. I remember the Peter Pan name too, and I had a great mustard pair in the early '80s. I wore them everywhere. I love the pinch between the colour of your cardigan and your shoes. Mmm.

  5. OMG, Peter Pan getaway boots!!! In grade 7/8 I had red suede ones which laced up the back, and grey suede which closed with diagonal snaps (left partly open made the best floppy triangles).

    Seriously, hooray for bra fitting - something I have a brutal time with, I know my correct size but very few stores carry it. Even at dedicated boutiques, I have tried on 30-ish bras at a time and ended up with nothing but raw skin. :(

    Love this outfit, awesome proportions! In your previous wear of the dress / tunic, you were a beautiful dolly in bloomers too.

  6. Megan, the perfect bra in the right size is nothing to be sneezed at! Congrats :) I've wanted to broach that subject on th' ol' blog, i.e. the importance of our underpinnings, such as good bras, slips, and depending on the dress and the occasion, the occasional helpful shaper garment. They're not that much fun to shop for, but wow, do the right ones make a difference.

    That tunic is so gorgeous and photographs beautifully.

    I hope you got some sleep.

  7. Apparently most women are wearing the wrong bra size. I've had that experience as well, and was surprised find I went up a size. I had a pair of grey peter pan boots when I was in my 20's - the ones you're wearing here are so much cooler!

  8. Funky bootsies! Hope you have got some good nights sleep since you posted this.