Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To color fear and loathing with that pink disguise

Today's outfit was happy making. How could I not be happy wearing all this colour?

Dress: Anthropologie in Charlotte NC
Belt: H&M
Skirt: ModCloth
Shoes: Town Shoes

Pink is my least favourite colour. I only own about 3 pink things - this dress, a skirt, and the coat you are about to see.

Since I'm not really a fan of pink, you may wonder why I bought this dress. I liked the design, I liked the pockets and I liked the plaid. All that overrode the colour.

The belt loops on the dress, however, are up at my rib cage since my torso is freakishly long. Adding this belt, rather than the fabric tie belt that came with the dress was more comfortable because I could buckle it loosely without it sagging and looking weird.
I bought these shoes on Saturday at THE MALL. I live about 3 blocks from the largest mall in the city yet I hardly ever go there - because it can be dangerous. On Saturday I wanted to go for a walk so I walked to the mall, around the mall, and home again.

I've been looking for orange shoes for a while and these fit the bill. They cost more than I originally wanted to spend but I think it was worth it.

Today I wore this coat which I received as a birthday gift. It's Isaac Mizrahi for Target which wasn't available in Canada since we don't have Target in Canada yet, so I'm guessing the gift giver found this at a consignment/thrift store. Not a big deal since I shop at them all the time. It's electric pink so it's something I would probably have passed over without a second glance but wearing it felt good. It felt springy and it felt cheerful.

I'm still not a fan of pink though. Small doses....


  1. I think you need to rethink pink, because you look great in it. I especially love the coat.

    Before I started blogging, I literally had one piece of pink clothing but now I've embraced the color. A bold pink really stands out without seeming too precious.

  2. Petunias and spring showers are what I think of - good things. Those orange shoes with that pink, I swoon. It's that colour combination that gets me. And the wavy lines of the skirt against the grid of the plaid is delicious.

  3. Eep!Cutedress. I feel about the same way when it comes to pink, although it keeps seeping into my wardrobe. I don't think I look good in pink or fuchsia, but I really do love the effect of really really bright pink or super pale peach shades.

    Congrats on the orange shoes! I took a walk today and wound up with a smoked chicken burrito (omg we have a Mexican restaurant by my Mom's house - no one speaks English, they speak foodie).

    The jacket is also gorgeous. Is it dandelion print? I've found a lot of "For target" stuff that's really cute. If it's cut alright and not torn up by the time it makes it to the thrift store, I would certainly be happy to stumble upon more designed-for-target.

    I'd trade target for any day for the amazing boutique style shops you have up in Canada. They just don't survive outside of the major, major cities in the US.

  4. Not a fan of pink but that coat is fantastic. Live how you are playing with color with this outfit

  5. Ooh I love, love, LOVE the plaid dress!! I think it is a great color on you!! I also love how you layered it over the skirt, really a fun look. And how adorable are those orange shoes?? I like the jacket too, I'm not sure I'd wear it myself, but it looks quite lovely on you!

    Target is such a trap for me, I do shop and support it because it is based in my home state (and my dad's company provides them with some printing products) but I hate how if I do go there for ONE thing, I come out with several - not just clothing mind you, they have everything so that is the danger sometimes! So sometimes I avoid it all together for that reason!

  6. Hit submit too soon - I meant to finish by saying, so the fact that Target isn't in Canada yet isn't a bad thing necessarily, because it really can suck you in sometimes!

  7. Lovely coat!
    Even though you don't like the pink all that much it is not overwhelming, the whole outfit is very well balanced :)
    I think the shoes were a great buy, they look very classic and timeless.

  8. I'm not much of a pink person either, but I really like the coat. The bold print is fun.

  9. Big fan of the shoes and the jacket! Those orange suede shoes remind me of my blue suede shoes - Town Shoes, you say? I may have to check out the one in the Mall!

    I love the coat. I have always been pink-averse, but it's really grown on me since I've been blogging, especially since I found the right shades of pink. I think it's a really good colour with your skin-tone.

    And yay, for floofy skirts under plaid dresses!

    We're almost at the weekend, Megan, hang in there! Hope tomorrow is a better day. :)

  10. Oooo, orange shoes!!! How cool!! Im on the lookout for oranges as well :) love your outfit, you look great in pink despite it not being your favourite colour. ;)

  11. I have never been a fan of pink either, but you've toned it down with the taupe ruffled skirt and added great visual interest too! However, I do love the combination of pink and orange, so the shoes are a perfect addition to the outfit. You have THE most awesome shoe collection of anyone I know!!