Wednesday, July 11, 2012

These beautiful colours, infinite patterns so hard I see

Trying for something different today with mixing patterns but sticking with a brown/turquoise colour scheme. I also felt a lot more comfortable today - more like myself.

I think I'm having a pretty good hair day today.

Necklace: Fireworks Gallery
Dress: Vera Wang (last worn here)
Pin: Pretty Chic
Belt: All Saints
Skirt: Cranky (local designer)
Shoes: Fluevog Operetta | Fiorenza (last worn here)

The skirt underneath the dress is a delicate tiered design that I didn't think was going to work with the dress but I think it's a pretty good addition.

The necklace and this pin seem to pull it all together. I'd forgotten I had this necklace so I was thrilled to rediscover it in a jewellery box that I don't really use anymore. It was a gift from my husband - he has pretty good taste in gifts.

And of course, Fluevogs.

Thank you everyone for your feedback on yesterday's outfit. The blouse and shoes will be making their way out of my closet. They obviously don't make me happy so I need to unburden myself.


  1. Those shoes, on the other hand, should make you extremely happy! You are Queen of the Fluevogs! Love a bit of pattern mixing, and you're quite right, the accessories pull it all together beautifully. xxx

  2. This does look more your style. I love the addition of the bright blue pops of color. Those Vogs are incredible. I love the color and the heel.

    I tossed yesterday's dress into the donate pile, and wore lots of bright colors today to make up for yesterday's drab. Felt more like myself ;)

  3. That is definitely more "You"! Love the layering of skirt and dress and the bright blue shoes.

  4. Forgotten jewelry boxes are like finding pirate treasure :)

    Your pin and your shoes make me happy, so blue! Your hair always looks good to me. I'm thinking of doing a deep purple streak in mine. The law firm needs livening up :o

  5. Ooh, love the necklace, pin and the Fluevogs! Great look. Not a huge fan of the skirt with this (it reads a little blah to me) but it gives some extra length and volume. The top is awesome.

  6. I like this! The shirt is really fun and reminds me of one I have in a similar pattern to this one. I like your fun shoes and the necklace and pin too. Very nice overall!

  7. I gave you the Liebster award on my blog, check it out, don't feel pressure to play along, but I wanted to spread the love.