Saturday, August 25, 2012

11th Hour Boots


I found these boots at Crimson and Clover (mostly) Consignment Boutique today. They are Fluevog 11th Hour booties. If there's anything I love, it's buttony boots, especially red booties.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: anthropologie (last worn here)
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Fluevog 11th Hour

This is a little rumpled - oh well.

I spend the day rummaging through Value Village, looking at old weird records, and strange t-shirts. Then I bought a really funky jacket at the Le Chateau Outlet store for $20.00. Then B and I went out for supper with his photo studio partner.

Did I mention the red Fluevog buttony booties?

So far, vacation is pretty good.


  1. Red spatty pointy toe boots - OMGGG!! Love. And love the leggings! Sounds like your vacation is off to a rolling good start to me.

  2. You forgot to mention your red booties.

    I remember those leggings. I've been searching for a pair like them. So far, no luck. I went to H&M for a look too. Great vacation kick-off.

  3. You can be rumpled a bit, you're on vacation! Love your boots with the striped leggings. I live close to the Fluevog flagship store but I wasn't aware of the 11th hour boots. I love em!

  4. Well of COURSE you have to buy shoes - or rather boots - on your holidays, I think it's the Law.
    Those are great. Red ankle boots add a certain something to any outfit.
    Love the stripey leggings. Sounds as though you are having a good time! xxxx

  5. Booties! Want want want. I have such love for ankle boots.

    Your holiday is shaping up nicely. I have a dress like this that doesn't go with my cardis very happily, as the neckline sits widely. Do you find that with this one? Maybe I need a round neck cardi like yours. Thanks for the idea :-)

  6. Definitely the best shoes in the bloggosphere, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Glad to be back.

  7. Fabulous booties, do want! Cool leggings, too.

  8. Sounds like a particularly great vacation day! Spectacular red booties - Fluevogs just want to be yours, like magic, or The Secret, or some such! Amazing.

  9. And it appears that you bought RED FLUEVOG BOOTIES!!! Good Lord woman, you're going to have to make a catalogue of your shoe collection so you know what you have! Glad you're enjoying your vacation ;)

  10. That is so funny about your mix up with me and pastcaring! I did a post recently about channeling my inner Curtise. My husband and son tell me all the time that I look like her and visa versa. So, you weren't so far off. ;)