Thursday, September 13, 2012

But the leopard in you... silently... preyed on me

This morning I had a big time super duper important meeting. Maybe this wasn't the most "professional" thing I could have worn but since I don't own a power suit, I thought this would suffice.

Ooops, cut off my feet. There was someone in the room behind me and I kept thinking they were going to come out the door.

I look like the cat that ate the canary, don't I?

Sweater: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: Daniela Besso
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel (worn a lot recently)

II like how the hem of the dress is slightly higher in the front. I was also wearing a scarf earlier but I took it off because it was annoying.

Slightly less smug looking.

I have tomorrow off work. No real plans other than I'm going downtown to have lunch with my coworker.

I'm currently watching the movie Underworld: Awakening. It's "free" On Demand. It's pretty terrible but visually quite pretty. Lots of pretty, pretty people.


  1. Yep! You look fine for a meeting
    Thank god i do not have to dress for meetings!
    Very cute!

    Have a good weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  2. I love this outfit. We'll call it Power Dress.

    Thank you for sharing your cut off feet. I thought I was the only one :P

  3. Spots with dots! Cute!

    The underworld movies were alright. Not really the strongest storylines, but not the worst vampires/werewolf movie series to come out semi-recently. The costumes and set pieces were pretty badass.

  4. Fierce shoes are always big-meeting-appropriate, plus these are great with everything.
    I totally love the draping and hem on that dress, and all of your faces!

  5. Lovely dress, Megan, much better than a power suit any day! I don't think you look smug, although you have every right to be, wearing those great shoes again. Enjoy your day off. xx

  6. Yes, this look beats a power suit - you've got power shoes! And I love the hemline of that dress. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I'm off of work too, hurray for three day weekends!

  8. Love your whole attire, but the shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the shoes I always love.

  9. I love your expression in the first picture. :)

    Awesome outfit - love the double spots!

    L loves the Underworld movies (I've seen them all). Have a great weekend!

  10. I think that outit is way better than a suit. I am in the same type of work - and refuse to wear suits. Random observation, the door handles are lovely at your workplace!

  11. That looks great! Power suits are boring...