Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dance into the fire

I think I've mentioned before that took ballet lessons when I was a kid. I started at one dance studio and when I got older I switched to a school that was more ballet focused. The instructor was kind of mean though and we suffered some humiliation and abuse from her. She was probably dishing out what she was given when she was a dancer. I ended up quitting because of it but the whole dancer aesthetic is still very appealing to me.

Maybe that's why I liked this skirt when I bought it. I've had it over over a year and this is the first time I've worn it - maybe because it's too "dancer" and not "bureaucrat", not that that's really stopped me before.

T-shirt: Club Monaco (last worn here)
Skirt: Twig and Hottie in Vancouver
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (last worn here)

This is a little more make-up than I would usually wear on a Saturday morning and I wish I could say I'm going to a party or something all WHOOOOO! but I'm not. In fact I had no plans until about 15 minutes ago when my neighbours asked if I wanted to go to the animal shelter with them this afternoon.  It's the shelter where the dear departed Jetta came from so I'm concerned I'll come home with another furry friend.

What, isn't this outfit appropriate for a few hours of playing with kitties and doggies? Who cares! It makes me feel pretty.

The back is my favourite part of this shirt. Probably because my back is my favourite part of me.

I'm dealing with an unplanned shoe "capsule" right now so you're going to see a lot of reruns until I get my shoes back.


  1. I love skirts so much, and yours is unique and different, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Loving your shoes.

  2. I can't believe you waited a year to wear that skirt, it's gorgeous! And the back view with the low scoop back of your top does look very dancer-y. It's a mystery to me why so many people have the idea that being mean and abusive to kids/people gets more out of them than kindness. Maybe you could take up dancing again for fun, you do have an elegance about your posture and foot positioning that shows your training, I think!
    Hope you have fun with the kitties and pups! xxxx

  3. Ever beautiful, Megan! Great colour palette as well as shapes, and I love that last photo.

    Sad that so many of us had abusive / grossly shaming dance-ending experiences; through the aesthetic is a great way to reconnect with the joy.

    Enjoy the cuddly critters.

  4. Love this look and those five-star shoes! Have fun with the furry friends, you look fabulous.

  5. I can see you dancing in that dress! It IS truly a dancing dress. And you look great in this - the perfect outfit for going to the shelter and making a good first impression on the next new member of your family!?!!

  6. It's a lovely skirt! It needs to be worn more! I really love the handkerchief hem. You do look great in that whole outfit (and love the red lips) - you have a gorgeous back!

  7. Back of shirt "ups" it from ordinary to extraordinary and, most importantly, looks great on you.

    Always love handkerchief skirts-own a few and that one is gorgeous

  8. A gorgeous look. I love the skirt. It could be an ultimate kitty toy skirt, when the kittens were growing up, their favorite thing was to chew my jeans.

    I took ballet as kid, I wound up quitting because I went through a very girly phase and then decided I wanted to be just like my brother and proceeded to spend the next ten years crashing my bike, falling over in roller skates, and trampling through the woods. I think all that was better for self-esteem. So sad that people think shame will lead to success.

  9. I really love your shoes. Kisses

  10. Great ballet poses! I was a rebellious child and didn't like the rigoros training. I escaped to modern dance lessons! Did any kitties come home with you?

  11. I had to wait to take dance lessons until I was in my 20's as the only thing offered in the town where I grew up was step-dancing and Highland fling. You look very glam in this outfit and there's a very cool 1920's vibe with your top giving a dropped-waist look to the fab skirt, and your beautiful bobbed hair

  12. Love your make up and have you recently got a haircut? Im sorry I havent noticed before "blushes" I have always wanted to take ballet lessons as a little girl, sadly I never got the opportunity.

  13. Lovely outfit! Did you do a twirl in that skirt?
    The colours are really nice and I like how they're all tied together perfectly with the gold of the shoes.
    (Did you bring back any furry friend)