Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Still I can't escape the ghost of you

And so you're back! From outer space! Or from my travels, such that they were. I was in meetings for work and then to visit my family for Thanksgiving and my Granny's funeral.  The latter was sad but also a bit enjoyable. My family knows how to put the FUN in funeral. My mom and my uncle are quite amusing and when they get together it's hard to keep a straight face. For example:

My uncle to someone I didn't know: how's Scott doing?
Man: oh he's good. he's a trained chef but he also has a business installing windows. I'm not sure how that's connected.
My uncle and mom simultaneously: maybe they're takeout windows.
And Thanksgiving was also good with lots of turkey and wine. And wine and wine.

And today, back to the work grind (boo) and back to blogging (yay).

First of all I'd like to say how sad I am that I missed the virtual birthday party of Sheila. Let's pretend that what I'm wearing in this post is my party outfit. It's pretty festive.

Jacket: Le Chateau
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Peek Brooklyn
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

This dress is a little shorter than I would normally be comfortable in at work but these tights made me feel more covered up.

Then again, these tights are maybe not work appropriate either. Swirly!

I think this jacket works well with this dress. The cropped style is a good complement with the width of the black skirt.

Looking like the bureaucratic vixen that I am. I like how my tattoo seems to match the tights.

I took these photos at 8am when I was alone at the office. My cats woke me up much earlier than usual so I just got up and got ready for work.

I'm not sure what I think about the exposed zipper. I guess it makes the dress more interesting from the back rather than just being a big beige block of blah.

Ok. So these shoes. What do people think? Are they:

a) cute 1940s-esque hells
b) reminiscent of Minnie Mouse or Miss Piggy



  1. I am voting WOW on the shoes - do like and I'd wear them tons. And the tights are so cool - I'm going over to Peek Brooklyn asap. You look fab.

  2. Oooh those tights are so so fab. I vote a) adorable 40s. I wouldn't have thought the other two at all. Or even see it now. Welcome back to the blog world! Hope you had a good thanksgiving.

  3. Those tights are fantastic! & I'm voting with Megan Mae: 40s.

  4. Glad for your good family time, even though you were about the sad business of laying your Granny to rest.

    Your jacket and tights are lovely with the dress; the hemline doesn't detract from the outfit's elegance. Thumbs up on the exposed zipper (I am myself sometimes "a big beige block of blah"), and I like the shape and heel of the shoes, though would be tempted to snip off the bow detail and replace it with something else.

    Nice to see you back!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the look and the way your styled those Tights!!
    xoxo PeekBrooklyn.com

  6. The shoes are definitely cute 40 esque and I think a little bit Minnie, but not in a bad way, in a retro cool way. Certainly not Miss Piggy - unless they were trimmed with Maribou or ostrich feathers!?

  7. Super cute and unique, just like you!

  8. I vote cute '40s on the shoes. Those swirly-tights-police should give you a medal for meritorious service. These are waaay too wonderful to keep locked in a drawer. Your dress is short but perfect that way. I especially like the exposed zipper. Glad you're back.

  9. Welcome home! It sounds as though your break was good, in spite of the sadness of your granny's funeral.
    I love the shorter length on you, Megan, just look at your fantastic legs, and those swirly tights are marvellous. I need more patterned tights. And the shoes get a big thumbs up from me, I think they are definitely cute 40s chic, and unlike Amber, I like the bow. But I don't know why you say Minnie Mouse or Miss Piggy like they would be BAD things... Break out your inner Minnie/Piggy! xxx

  10. Oh, very sophisticated 1920s flapper vibe going on here. I love the tights; you've got the legs for short skirts. I also like the exposed zipper on the dress. Welcome back!

  11. Love this outfit!! I say the shoes are cute 1940s for sure. Love them. And I love the dress and the necklaces too! Welcome back, glad you had a good Thanksgiving and I did laugh a little at the fun in Funeral comment - my husband always says he wants a sign at his funeral someday that says "you can't spell funeral with out fun." Yeah we have a morbid sense of humor at our house.

  12. You have an excellent saucy flapper vibe going on, the shoes are definitely cool and not Minnie Mouse. I am soooo digging those swirly tights and would love a pair for myself. Glad your Thanksgiving was good, and you were able to have a positive funeral experience despite the sadness of losing your Granny.

  13. Beautiful outfit! You look beautiful! Love your tights! Kisses x x x

  14. Oooh those tights are fabulous! Do they fit true to size? I am wondering if the large will fit the XLarge me. They would be fab for a wedding I will attend.

    I vote 40's for the shoes.

  15. Welcome back! I missed you. Sounds like you gave your Granny a good send-off, surrounded by fun family members.

    And you are back with a bang! You do look lovely in shorter skirts, and I'm sure your shoes like showing off a bit... :-)

  16. I missed you at the party, but this would have been an awesome outfit! Love the tights (*swoon*) and those shoes actually look like vintage 1940s shoes that I have.

    Fabulous outfit!