Thursday, October 11, 2012

Turning into shades of grey, go darker everyday

Last year in the peak of the "nude shoe" trend, I bought a pair of nude wedges. I wore them once and consigned them. To me, nude shoes are boring and if you've been reading this blog for a while you will know that I don't do boring shoes. So when I saw these shoes, which are mostly a nude colour, I debated whether to get them. The heels were awfully appealing but I wasn't sure if they were interesting enough to overcome the "nudeness".

Top: Dynamite (white one worn here)
Tank: Envy
Skirt: Desigual
Shoes: J Shoes

I thought this shirt was ok with this skirt because the scalloped edging looks a little like the bottom of the flowers and there's grey accents in the skirt.  It's not really a great match but I felt nice.

And as with most Desigual items, the back is different from the front of the skirt.

and OOOoooo....what's with the shoes? Those aren't boring old nude shoes!

The back has a patchwork covered heel. Crazy! Here's a link to them on the j Shoes store if you're interested. Pretty.


  1. Ha! I love the surprise patchwork heel!

  2. Love the ankle strap's closure as well!

    "... I don't do boring shoes." <- you're my favourite, Captain Understatement.

  3. What awesome shoes! I love the heel detail - that lime green is just delicious.

    The lack of attention to back detail bugs me about Desigual's stuff.

  4. They don't match, but they certainly go! The blouse and hyper-real flowers go wonderfully together. Also yowza! I think you managed to find a good compromise on the whole nude shoe thing. My only nude-colored shoes have a zillion star studs on them.

  5. Now I wouln't call those shoes nude at all, they look more of a pale mustard-y colour to me, and the ankle strap and fabulous heel certainly take them well out of blah territory.
    The skirt and top look great together, I like a bit on non-matchiness, and you are right about the repeat of the scalloping. Beautiful skirt, I like the fact that the back and front are different.
    Have a good weekend, Megan. xxxx

  6. The back of the shoes are awesome!! I love the shirt too, I'm digging a scalloped edge right now.

  7. I was thinking mustardy too, like Curtise. So already cool shoes, then there is the back. And the ankle strap. You should get an award for your shoe collection, it is a wondrous thing :-)