Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Sheep

According to my list of purchases, I bought this dress off of Etsy in June 2008. It was too tight in the hips so I had never worn it - until today.

I jokingly said I was wearing blue to commemorate the win of Barack Obama. I find it strange that blue is the colour of the Democrats in the US, which are the more "liberal" of the parties when blue = conservative in Canada and the UK. So very confusing!

Dress: Etsy
Blouse: Dept (last worn here)
Boots: Fluevog Presence Intuit (last worn here)

The print on this dress is trees and sheep. Cute. It's not immediately noticeable unless you come up right close at which point I'll either say "they are sheep" or slap you. ;)

I wasn't sure about the blue tights but I think they're ok. It's just a lot of blue.

YAY for being able to wear clothes you've had for 4 years!


  1. Great blues, you look grand (and great election results, IMHO). And actually, blue was for the conservatives over here until just about 20 years ago, then we switched! Oh - those are sheep, right? (no slapping!) : >

  2. "My list of purchases"? I must know more! Do you catalogue your clothes?

    That is a fantastic dress - I love the shape of it, and I think the tights are perfect, although another bright colour would also work. The top layered under this is genius!

  3. It was a blue day. Both you and Megan had on blue, and so did I, although I think not quite as successfully as you guys. I like the sheep. I'm glad they got to come out and play :)

  4. I am with you on the blue and political party thing. Love love love the sheep fabric - never seen anything like it.

  5. Go blue go!!!! is the closet to cheer-leading I'll ever get. Your wardrobe is blossoming with rediscovered treasures...Yay!

  6. I'm American, and I still don't get the blue = Democrats thing. Not that Democrats are really all *that* liberal... but they're certainly more liberal than the red Republicans.

    But anyway - love your outfit, and the print on that dress!!

  7. Never thought about the red/blue political thing before... Yes, blue is a Tory colour here, I always think of Margaret Thatcher in her blue suits.
    But this blue dress is fabulous (are the sheep representative of the conservative flock, I wonder?) and so are your legs and so is being able to wear a dress which has waited for 4 years!
    Love the blouse underneath.
    And you can count the sheep if you can't sleep. Multipurpose dress, excellent! xxx

  8. I too am intrigued by the "list of purchases" statement? Do you keep a running list of the clothes you buy? That is a great feeling to dig out something you've had for ages and discover that it now fits. Cool pattern and colour!

  9. Beautiful shoes! I love all zour shoes! I want all! :) Kisses x x x x

  10. Oh the print of the dress is so beautiful dear! It looks great with the blue tights. I never thought about politics concerning the colour blue, but maybe with the election in America this week it's not easy to not. Congrats to you that you can finally wear this dress, it was a sleeping beauty for long enough! Sara xx

  11. Hooray for fitting into dresses! The sheepy dress is so cute, maybe bad to mention it but I saw sheep themed shoes by Camper on ebay today. @_@ I wish they were in my size.

    Yesterday was indeed a blue sort of day for bloggers.

  12. That is a fantastic dress and it's very cute on you. Love the print.
    There is never too much blue so I love the tights. I wore blue for election day here in the USA.

  13. I would be baa-ing all day! I love the bell sleeves, and one can never go wrong with blue stockings, imho.