Sunday, December 30, 2012 infinity, and beyond!

Thank you to everyone who made such supportive comments after my last post. They are all very much appreciated.

Today is a stormy one here so I'm likely not getting out of my pjs, so I thought I'd do a 2012 outfit retrospective like some other bloggers have done. I'm amazed at the difference a year can make.

I'm just going to post my favourite outfit (or two) from each month.

I picked this as my favourite because I knit the sweater and because of these awesome shoes. I certainly didn't pick it for the sullen face I'm making here.


Funky optical illusion dress! Why have I only worn this once? Obviously I'm not in my right mind. I should be wearing this ALL THE TIME!


Crazy cat portrait dress and funky Fluevogs. Of course this is a favourite!


Starting to play with shorter skirt lengths but also looking for divine intervention.


In May I turned 41 and it wasn't a great outfit month for me. I do like this though. Plaid skirt, blue shoes again. For some reason the bodice of this dress feels a little "Starfleet" to me. Or a little Ace Frehley. But in a good way.


In June I went to Winnipeg and wore this to a meeting. I'm so glad I shortened this dress. This is one of the few photos in June where I'm smiling.


 Dress from the store Pretty Things Boutique which is now tragically closed. Nice bright summer outfit.


Yes you CAN-CAN-CAN! Wore this to a wedding shower. It was the most humid day of the year so this cotton dress was mostly comfortable (other than the tulle but I endured).


I pick these two because I'm starting to get my mojo back. I'm actually smiling and looking at the camera and being a little bit cheeky. I also started losing weight and was feeling confident in myself again. And those blue shoes! Love them. Can't wait for Summer so I can wear them again.


Another "2-fer". I love this art deco dress that I got at the consignment store though here I wasn't confident enough to wear it without something underneath it yet. I was also chuffed to finally fit into this blue dress.


I love the romantic look of this - especially these shoes. It's awesome to know good people who look out for my shoe needs too.


Mondrian dress! Of course I was going to pick this. But I could have also picked this.

 .... and on to 2013. What will the new year hold? Only good things, I hope.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog and joining me on this journey.


  1. Great round-up Megan. I think we were working on them simultaneously, I got inspired by Bethie & Curtise's round-ups.

    My favourite pictures are the ones where you are smiling. Hands-down favourite is the cat-dress and blue fluevogs but your ant-dress also speaks to me :-) As well as the whole of December.

    Happy New Year :-)

  2. What a year! Well done, Megan! I remember some of these, so cool to see them again. Optical illusion dress!

    Fascinating how taking regular outfit photos becomes a mirror of so many things. Thanks for all the ways you've inspired me.

  3. Interesting retrospective! I love the dress you wore in June and also the Mondrian dress in December.

  4. It's interesting to reflect back on the year through blog posts and photos, it got me pondering a lot of stuff doing my round up...
    I love so many of these, but the optical illusion dress and the can can frock are my favourites, I think. I love the can can photo because you look so happy and naughty! And you look SO good in red and tulle, Megan!
    Happy new year, my friend, I am looking forward to following your adventures in 2013! xxxx

  5. What a fun retrospective! I love seeing your personal favourites and relating them to your life events.

  6. I'm in awe of the great wardrobe you have. And the shoes. And I wish I could have some of the shoes. The dresses are beautiful but look best on a slim person like you.

  7. Wonderful round up! I think my favorite is the can can dress because it is just so amazing! Happy New Year Megan!

  8. Awesome round up! I'm so happy to see your transformation over the year. You have so much more confidence and happiness these days. I hope the next year continues with fun frocks and big smiles.

  9. Every outfit adorable 2012 was good for you happy new year

  10. You have quite a wardrobe:) And, gosh I don't even want to go into all the great shoes you have:) Happy New Year

  11. You look amazing all year:)! Kisses x x x x

  12. I covet every inch of the June outfit!

  13. Those last two outfits are my favourites. It's interesting to see the changes in you when presented with month by month photos. There is a marked difference for the positive starting in September - you look lighter (emotionally and physically), and happier. Here's to carrying the positive into 2013 - Happy New Year Megan, and thanks for sharing your outfits and yourself with us this year.

  14. What a wonderful blog! Your outfits are creative and pretty. I like your style.

    I once visited Nova Scotia with a group of my friends; we rode our motorcycles all around the Cabot Trail. Beautiful country and friendly people.

    I'm sorry to hear about your personal life. I understand the depth of sorrow that transition contains; I'm in the process of it myself. Best wishes.

  15. Love this retrospective! A year of fabulous style (and shoes!). So glad I found your blog. Here's to a fantastic 2013!