Thursday, December 6, 2012

I sold the Renoir and the TV set

It was a coldish day here on the Atlantic ocean. Brrrr... should have bundled up in all my woolies. But no, I wore this.

Dress: Bitter Root Vintage on etsy
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impulse (last worn here)

I bought this dress in January 2012. It hasn't fit until now. I almost consigned it a few months ago but now I'm glad I held onto it.

I like how Sheila gives her clothes names so I'm going to copy her and call this my Mondrian dress.

Ok, I did wear a cardigan with it so I didn't completely freeze.

I'm sure you can guess why I like this dress. Red? check. Black? check. Shift dress? check. Geometric pattern? check!

Did I mention that I'm glad I kept it?

I wore these flats because I thought the diamond shape on the heel fit well with the squares/rectangles on the dress. However, one of my coworkers (male) suggested it would be a better option to wear heels to make it more "elegant". Huh. Sure...whatever.

I have tomorrow off of work so I'm getting my hair done. Might treat myself to breakfast out. Livin' la vida loca!


  1. I love everything about that dress - I'm glad you kept it!

  2. The dress is absolutely fabulous. I love the art-block look and those Fluevogs are proving to be a hella awesome versatile shoe. Screw the nosy co-worker, I see your logic.

  3. You Gogo girl! Sorry, bad pun. You are awesome.


  4. Yes, that is a wonderful homage to Mondrian. You could have kidded us it was a vintage 1960s YSL version - I'd have believed you! I love black and red, works every time, and I think the flats work perfectly with the dress, take no notice of your colleague. Bet you didn't anyway!
    Happy hair cut and enjoy your breakfast! xxx

  5. Fantastic! Very mod! I like it! And I totally like the idea of giving your clothes a name :)

  6. I would have named it the Mondrian dress too (fyi, you spelled it wrong in your post and your link at the bottom). Love it! So mod, very Courreges.

  7. This dress is perfect on you, and the opaque tights and pointy flats with it! The ONLY heel I could imagine working would be a square go-go boot, but the heel detail here is a fantastic example of what I love about your outfits.

  8. Love love love this outfit. shoes work wonderfully!