Sunday, April 21, 2013

When you feel my heat, Look into my eyes

I didn't really feel like blogging on Friday so this is a delayed outfit post. First thing though, Shelley let me know what the Vintage Show TO blog posted a picture of us from the Vintage Clothing Show we went to last weekend. It's a pretty good shot of us. :)

I decided to go casual on Friday, or as casual as I can go.

T-shirt: Club Monaco (last worn here)
Jeans: Trapper Jane (last worn here)
Socks: from Durumi and Chocolate Shoes
Shoes: Fluevog Gateways | Brandenburg Light (last worn here)

Lacy socks! I was a little cold since the weather here has been topsy turvy. One day it will be 21C and then next it will be snowing.  It snowed yesterday and this is how I felt about it.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me. Spring is always volatile in Canada. I remember in 1997 it snowed on my birthday, in the middle of May.

On Friday I picked up the keys to my new place. I still do not have a firm date for when my stuff will be arriving but it was loaded onto a truck on Friday. Here's hoping it's before Wednesday.

I went in yesterday and measured and tried to visualize my stuff in the space. Really it will just be shoes here, shoes there, shoes EVERYWHERE.

Here's some pictures of the space.

This is the "bedroom". It's really a bachelor but there's a movable wall that the previous tenant moved into a very awkward spot. I'll have the movers move it more closely to that pole.

This is the walk in closet. I might need to install another bar to accommodate my clothes.

This is the kitchen space as seen from the stairs that lead down into the apartment. The stove is tiny but I'm pretty sure I could cook a turkey in it. The window there makes it bright but I'm going to need a few more lamps than the 2 I have packed with my stuff. It's a gas stove too which I am luckily used to since my parents have one.

That's the movable wall. I think I'm going to put my TV in that little alcove part and move that wall back and get a couch for this space. I have a coffee table and a few storage unit thingies so I'm going to wait until all my stuff arrives before buying anything.

It's not much but it's mine.


  1. Love your casual look. I have a pair of similar cropped pants in grey I need to work on wearing more often.

    I love your new apartment. It's got so much potential in it. I'll know you'll turn into an amazing place for yourself. Then again, I'm still crossing my fingers to move sometime this year, even though it's nearly May and prospects are slim.

    Give a peek when you've gotten everything moved in? I'm nosy. ;)

  2. Great casual outfit - the lace socks are aces! What a sweet little apartment. You are definitely going to need more efficient storage in your walk-in closet! It's really worth it to look for additional shelving.

  3. Aww, great photo with Shelley! Love those shoes with the stripy top and jeans, lace socks make it. All best with the move - happy stuff-reunion!!!

  4. How brilliant is that that you got your photo on the vintage show's blog?

    Loved the Lucy bit. Totally borrowing that pic.

    Hope you get your stuff soon.


  5. I love that pic of you with Shelley - smiling, yay!
    I am so excited for you about your move into that apartment, Megan. Movable walls? Is this a common phenomenon? Why have I never heard of flats with walls that move? I have never lived in a flat or house less than 100 years old and the walls don't tend to move much!
    Lovely casual outfit, the scoop back on that top is great. xxxx

    1. Yes, the walls that move mystified me too! Is it like Lord of the Rings? (confused face).

      Anyway, the space is great and I look forward to a shoe display post! I liked the smiley pic of you at the vintage fair, too. I know you said you were without your vintage clothes at present, but you looked just right.

  6. Your place is cute and you will make it cozy in no time. You will definitely have to add another rail to that closet ;) Hope your stuff arrives safely and soon. Lucy is absolutely right, this weather is Bullshit!

  7. I love your new place. It will be great I am sure. Hope your stuff gets there soon.

  8. It's going to be great! What a cute space. I like the idea of a movable wall - and a walk-in closet? Nice! I can picture a "floating shelf" on the wall across from the entrance with a few special 'vogs displayed on it ;)