Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Another week is winding down. For the last week I've been craving spaghetti and meatballs so tonight guess what I had for supper? Om nom nom.

Here's the outfits from the last 3 days. I can't believe July is almost over.

July 23

Dress: Meg (last worn July 3)
Shoes: Fluevog Hopefuls | Assured (on sale!)

Yup, this is still my favourite dress. Bright colour, nice cut, pockets...what's not to love?

I may have accidentally bought these shoes last week. I was walking to the drug store and the next thing I knew, I was leaving the Fluevog store with a bag.

My favourite thing about them are the blue soles. You can't really see them here but take my word for it, they're blue.

The buckles tend to jingle when I walk. I pretend I'm a cowboy and they are my spurs.

July 24

I bought this dress in Guelph last weekend.

Dress: Desigual
Belt: Rudsak
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impel

The skirt has a shiney red design on it which you can't see but I thought my shiney bronze shoes would look good with it.

I bought these shoes on my birthday. I've worn them a few times but I guess this is the first time on the blog.

I really like the skirt part of this dress but the top is kinda boring.

I kept futzing around with the belt all day. So annoying!

Whoops! My tag has come up for air!

July 25

The weather has been cooler this week so I broke out the man made fabrics.

Dress: H&M (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Miracles | Medugorje

I bought this dress for $10.00 and it was very popular with my coworkers. Someone called it "spectacular". That was kinda nice.

It is pretty awesome. I guess that's why I've hung onto it even though I haven't worn it for almost a year. That's kinda crazy.

Tomorrow night I'm going out with a friend. Tonight I'm tackling my ironing basket. Good night everyone!


  1. An all-Fluevog week! I love the blue sandals, and I'm familiar with the spur buckles.

    Great outfits, as always. Your new coworkers sound very appreciative of your sartorial splendour!

  2. Yay. Glad to see you haven't lost the blogging mojo--I just recently started following yr blog and would be sad if you were stopping. Shoes are as always fabulous, and you've introduced me to some great Cdn designers (plus featuring Victoria's own Smoking Lily!). Must look for Desigual too...thanks!

  3. wouuu, that new blue sandals make my heart beats faster!, delightfully blue!!, and your floral dress is awesome (and it has pockets, what else?)
    that burgundy floral dress is pretty elegant and love the print, but my favorite is your striped last dress, gorgeous!
    besos & fabulous weekend

  4. I love how you "accidentally" bought those shoes ;) They are such a pretty colour and style; perfect summer sandals. Have a great weekend!

  5. I own the very same pair of Hopeful Assureds in the same amazing blue color. I know exactly what you mean about the dark blue trim along the bottom. I gave some consideration to buying the carmel colored version but am so glad I went with these. They go with everything and look amazing. I'm a little mad that they are now on sale but it's always risky to wait and see if size and color will be available at the end of summer sale. Worth every penny!

  6. A happy accident, I'd say, because the blue sandals are beautiful. The heel looks suitably sturdy too (can't do spindly heels). All the frocks are gorgeous, of course, but I am particularly fond of the H&M striped beauty. Hope you'll be wearing it lots more when the weather is sufficiently cool. And orange shoes, orange shoes!
    Hope you survived the ascent of Ironing Mountain... xxxx

  7. These are all great finds and you you have a fine selection of shoes!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. "Accidentally" bought those shoes? Hm, that's what they ALL say - that they forced themselves upon your soles. Thank goodness! They are awesome!
    Glad it's been cooling down for you. That first dress has got me thinking mod thoughts...

  9. You love fluevogs and I like Docs, I accidentally purchased 2 pairs today! 50% off who can resist I ask you!

  10. All gorgeous patterned dresses, all amazing Fluevogs, and jingly buckles too! The summer is flying by, but you are totally rockin' it all the way. Fabulous.