Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back in Black

Hello! I'm sitting on my couch and for the first time Robin Hood (aka Fuzzy Buddy) is actually cuddled up against my leg. I don't think I can move for the rest of the evening. So I thought "hey! you should blog".

December 13

Here's the last picture I took in 2013, right after I had my hair lightened and some red added back in.

Necklace: from Coal Miner's Daughter
Dress: Meg
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impulse (last worn a year ago)

I've been living in this dress. It's wool and has pockets and some subtle gathering in the bodice. I also tracked down two more pairs of these discontinued Wolford ballet tights because I think they are just the coolest ever. A lot of people think that the stripes are straps from my shoes.

January 14

Leap forward a month and I'm still in black.

Dress: Girl Friday
Tights: Peek Brooklyn
Shoes: Zara

I've not really been a fan of wrap dresses but this one is made of heavy jersey so it hangs nicely.

These pointy shoes are the shoes of my 1980s teenage dreams. Strappy! Buckle-y! Pointy!

My tights have some metallic details on the bottom. Not really all that noticeable.

In other news, I've joined a gym because I have gained a bit of weight back. Darn beer! Maybe that's why I'm back in black clothes?


  1. Yes, those tights are indeed fabulous. Actuallt both styles are great. You look very chic in black, although I am more used to seeing you in colour. Red, we need more red! Good luck at the gym. xxxx

  2. I love the ballet tights, and when I first saw you wearing them, I also thought they were straps from your shoes. The necklace from Coal Miner's Daughter is pretty awesome too. It would kill me financially to live in your neighbourhood - so many cool things to buy!

    Hope you're doing better at the gym this month than I am - I think I've been there twice.....

  3. I love all the black. Personally, I've been re-embracing the not-color. I also thought the straps were from your shoes at first!! Great tights. You always have some of the best ones.