Monday, May 12, 2014

Dead dreams and dirty clothes

Here's the second dress I got from eShakti last week.

Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Marc (last worn here)

This dress is just the smidgiest smidge too tight but hopefully when I get back into the "going to the gym" groove I'll shrink a smidge and it will be fine.

I like the sheer back of it and the green dots and flowers.

It's not quite warm enough to go completely bare legged but bare foot is totally doable.

Bring on summer!


  1. That is a stunning dress! Tres sexy, Ms. Megan! I love Marc shoes - so comfy.

  2. That is a pretty dress, and I'm sure you'll lose that extra "smidge" when you get back into regular gym visits. I'm always surprised at how quickly my body responds to working out when I actually make a point to get to the gym. It has been warm enough here to have bare legs, which I am very excited about!

  3. So pretty, and I love the way that dress looks with leggings.