Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The past is just a bridge that we burnt down behind us when we left this town

The title of this post is from a great song by a Toronto band, Wildlife. It kinda describes how I feel about my recent past.

This band opened for White Lies when I saw them in February and I hope to see them again soon. Their drummer is the most enthusiastic musician I've ever seen. My friend who went to the concert with me, right a the beginning of their set said "That guy better pace himself! He'll be exhausted by the second song."  Fortunately he wasn't.

Anywhoodle, on to the outfit post.

This might even be a rerun.

Dress: eShakti (last worn here)
Necklace: from Coal Miner's Daughter (last worn here)
Shoes: Miss L Fire (last worn here)

Back to leggings again today since it's a bit cool again today after two days in the high 20s.

Not sure why I'm bothering to post this since it's just a black line. Maybe to show off my convertible bra from Victoria's Secret?

After work today I had an appointment for a CT scan of my head at the hospital near the Eaton Centre so I went to the mall to kill time. I think a part of my soul died. What a lot of wank they sell there. Ugh!

Might be headed for my third sinus surgery. I'll discuss it with my ENT next month. Double UGH.


  1. Well, the back does show those awesome shoes off better! I like seeing back views - after all, we're seen in real life from all sides. Sorry to hear about the sinus surgery - yuck! I'm going to the dentist in a couple of weeks, and I'm getting full anesthetic to have my entire mouth scaled. Go me - no pain, wake up when I'm done, then give me drugs.

  2. Thanks for sharing the song! I really enjoyed it and will for sure be checking out some of their other stuff!

  3. I like how the eye travels in a line from the necklace, to the flowers, to the shoes, all connected by the colour. I will have to check out Coal Miner's Daughter when I'm in Toronto next (I'm coming two weekends in a row to see some Luminato shows). Sinus surgery sounds rather ominous, and generally icky. Hope you can avoid it!

  4. God, I LOVE Black Books! We have the box set and never tire of watching them.

    I like Shelley's comment about the traveling from the necklace to the flowers to the shoes - I had to go back and look at the outfit again - it's very artful, if that's a word.

    Good luck with the sinus problem - I hope it's not too serious.

  5. oh yes, I also like how the eye travels from the necklace to the shoes, it's a pretty travel and I've enjoyed it!!!
    lovely shoes, as usual, and lovely leggings (I'm a huge fan of them!)
    wish you a quick and absolutely painless treatment (if it's necessary!)!
    besos & salud