Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Accident

Here's two outfits that I wore last month.  The first is a dress that I bought on which has recently decided to stop shipping to Canada (again). *sigh*

June 18

Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Fluevog Expectation | Motive (now on sale!)

As someone who isn't usually drawn to florals I seem to have bought a lot of shoes and clothes with flowery motifs. Like the booties I bought for my birthday.

This picture shows that the bottom of the dress is embroidered with a scalloped pattern.

And my button and necklace were of a similar theme. Apropos for moi?

June 19

This is the "happy accident" to which I'm referring in the subject.

I bought this dress at Meg not knowing that I would match some older Fluevogs that I have owned for about 5 years.

Dress: Megshops "babydoll" dress
Shoes: Fluevog Blind Faith Mid | Drew (last worn here)

My penultimate boss was all "oh Megan, your shoes match your dress perfectly" and she wouldn't believe me when I told her that it was just a happy coincidence!


  1. It makes me so happy when that happens!!! You look lovely in these outfits, as always.

  2. The orange dress is a great colour on you! The colours in the striped one are fun - I've always thought brown and blue look good together.

  3. What serendipity! So matchy - love it! You do look fab in orange - great colour on you.

  4. fabulous happy coincidence!, that kind of things cheer up my day usually!, and your shoes and striped dress make a really nice couple!, lovely!
    And your embroidered dress is gorgeous!, pretty color and pretty details!, I was not a fan of florals but now I'm in their possession, so take care of yourself!.

  5. Oh my goodness don't you look very clever with all that gorgeous coordination! I love both of your outfits majorly! How do you find the fit of eshakti dresses for a taller person? I am a bit over 5'9" and I find dresses rarely fit me well, with the waistline usually hitting me too high.

    I love florals but I realise I tend to like larger ones. I would be drawn to smaller ones but not wear the item and then one day I realised it was the small florals I never wore.