Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cuckoo for cuckoo clocks!

I don't usually plan my outfits the night before. Sometimes what I put together in the morning works out ok and sometimes it doesn't. Today, I'm not sure this worked. I built this outfit around the t!ghts, which are a blue/azure and I paired it with periwinkle. It's certainly bright.

Sweater: Value Village
Dress: Smoking Lily (from Love, Me Boutique)
Underskirt: Noa Noa (remixed)
Shoes: Fluevog Fellowship Kathy

This is more of a summer dress but worn with t!ghts and an underskirt to lengthen it a bit, it transitions well into autumn.

The dress has a fun motif screen printed on it. Cuckoo clocks!

My family never had a cuckoo clock when I was a kid but I always thought they were cool.

And I wore them with my blue/mauve Fellowship Kathy Maryjanes. As you can probably tell, I'm also cuckoo for Fluevogs.

Tomorrow I'm having an outpatient procedure to insert a tube into my right ear (and possibly also my left ear). Wish me luck!


  1. The lady who babysat me when I was a kid had a cuckoo clock a member of her family (husband? son?) brought home from Germany. She would pull the chains every day to wind the clock. The cuckoo would often decide to stand out on his perch after his noon hour soliloquy (likely to hear our praise for his work) and refused to go inside. I would run where the clock was hung and hit the wall in just the right spot with my fist to make him pop back behind his door. It was magical to me but likely frustrating for my babysitter as she eventually sent it off to be fixed. I miss that clock and the house where it hung.

    Love your outfit. Thank you for reminding me of cuckoo clocks. :)

  2. What an awesome Smoking Lily dress! Don't you just love their silkscreen designs? So unusual!

    I think we have the same Noa Noa underskirt too.