Wednesday, January 25, 2012

11 things about me...

If you also read Megan Mae's Daily blog, you may recognize these tights.

Jacket: thrifted
Dress: etsy
Tights: Anna Sui from Sock Dreams
Shoes: Fluevog Rivers

When I saw that Megan had worn her Anna Sui tights, it reminded me that I hadn't worn mine yet. I kind of emulated her outfit but instead of greys I wore browns.

I threw on this jacket as a last minute addition but I don't think it really works. It looks better without it.

I got this jacket a few years ago and have tried with little success to fit it into outfits. I think it might be time to let it go. I'll see if my husband wants it for his photo studio wardrobe.

Can I tell you a secret? I'm wearing this dress backwards! I didn't realize until half way through the day so I didn't bother turning it around.

Since I told you that, I'll also tell you 11 random things about me.

  1. I have one bad habit. I pick at the skin on my right thumb. You may have noticed that I often have a bandaid on my thumb. That's to get me to stop messing with it.
  2. My left ear has been pierced 3 times and my right ear twice. I had the second piercings done when I started university (in 1990!) and the 3rd in my left ear when I finished my BA.
  3. I got my first tattoo when I was 35.
  4. I enjoy reading books about medical procedures, viruses, and infectious diseases.
  5. My favourite movie is Rear Window - Jimmy Stewart! Grace Kelly!
  6. I'm addicted to Coke Zero (ok, I guess I have 2 bad habits)
  7. I have 3 stars in all available levels of Angry Birds games.
  8. I will watch any sports event on TV other than baseball or basketball. If there's nothing on TV, I will turn on TSN and watch sports news.
  9. Despite my love of shoes, which I've had for as long as I can remember, I wanted to get married barefoot. My mother talked me out of it.
  10. I watch a lot of television and am a pop culture junky.
  11. I am a terrible housekeeper. Terrible.


  1. Oooh soo cute. Those are my favorite tights. I agree, I like the outfit better without the jacket, but the jacket in and of itself is very adorable. You just reminded me, I wanted to try wearing one of my dresses backwards because it just looks like a different neckline from the other way around.

    Thanks for sharing! I also like reading medical stuff, though mine tends towards brain related things. My husband does the exact same thing to both of his thumbs. The noise drives me insane! I watch a lot of tv too. I nearly always have it going and oftentimes a show running on my computer.

  2. Ha! Great tights! I love the jacket - such a nice neckline on it.

    I'm the same about housekeeping.

  3. This is such an adorable jacket! I agree with Sheila, it has a cute collar :)

    I'm a terrible housekeeper too and also addicted to Coke! :D

  4. I share your bad thumb habit, I try so hard not to do it! And I love your jacket!