Tuesday, January 24, 2012


On Friday we had a snowstorm. On Monday it was quite cold. Today it was +9C. It's getting difficult and confusing to decide what to wear everyday. Today I wore this sweater and was extremely warm in my office.

Sweater: knit by me!
Necklace: etsy
Skirt: Noa Noa from eBay
Shoes: Peter Fox from Etsy

I knit this sweater a few years ago and the yarn is an alpaca and wool blend making it very warm.

There's a cord around the sweater at hip level that you can't really see which was leftover from my wedding dress (from 1997).

This skirt is now quite large so I can only wear it with longer shirts and sweaters.

These shoes are from Peter Fox who was John Fluevog's business partner in 1970. In 1980, he moved to New York and started his only shoe line. Today he makes a lot of shoes for weddings.

I found these on etsy about 2 years ago. I hate to admit it but today was the first time I've worn them.

I also got this necklace from a seller on etsy. You may recognize the mouse knitting the sock since I had it tattooed on my arm in 2008.

That's it for today. I'm currently sitting on my chesterfield surrounded by cats. Cuddly cuddly cats.


  1. Those shoes are fabulously Rococo looking! Also how incredible is it that you made that sweater yourself. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love the flapper vibe of this outfit, Megan! I'm amazed at your knitting talent (I can knit a bit, and I know how hard those scallops are!).

    I am a big Noa Noa fan too! There's a store here called Dots that sells off sales samples, and Noa Noa is one of the lines I usually scour (my silk polka dot pants are one of my favourite finds).

    But the shoes! Oh, the shoes! They are amazing. I have never seen a pair of Peter Fox shoes. Heavenly.

    Your tattoo is so cute.

  3. Wow, the sweater is awesome, I can't believe you made it! (Well, what I mean is that I wish I could make one too!) I like the 20s vibe of your outfit, very pretty!

  4. This whole outfit is awesome. The shoes are about the most amazing I have ever seen. That is one talented man.
    I so admire people who can knit. Maybe, just maybe someday I will get into it. I have had my eye on some designs from Wool and the Gang. They do really large gauge knits.

  5. I am an 18thc. reenactor and wanted these shoes so badly. I am still looking for a vintage pair of the same ones. Alas, I wear a size 9M. I found you by accident after I recently saw the old Etsy listing! Lucky you, and how lovely they look on you!
    You look beautiful, madam~
    I shall keep on looking and looking for some of my own!

  6. I love your sweater, well done! I also adore the tapestry shoes.

    I discovered your site looking for inspiration on ways to wear my Libby Smith boots (my first of now MANY Vogs in my shoe collection). At that time, I found a post where you mentioned Sock Dreams, so I investigated them. I've now spent a lot of money at Sock Dreams, and even made a special trip to their very cute store in Portland. I wanted to thank you for that reference. Did you notice Sock Dreams has free international shipping this month? :-) I'm stocking up. :-)