Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Starting today I'm Acting Director for the next three weeks so I all day I felt like I was all over the place. I guess one benefit is that the day goes quickly but I'm going to have to find a way to keep some balance.

Sweater: from
T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Alexander McQueen
Boots: Miss L Fire

I bet I'm the only person who wears a Joe Fresh t-shirt with an Alexander McQueen skirt. That's how I roll!


I saw a blogger wearing these boots in a photo on Pinterest and all of a sudden I was ordering them off Whooops. They just slipped into my cart. They're the second pair of "spatty" boots that I've worn this week. I guess I'm a fan of boots with buttons.


  1. Ooh! Those boots are adorable. I think the shirt goes great with the skirt, which is btw fabulous. Congrats on the work stuff, and goodluck on keeping balance! Better busy than bored I always say.

  2. Wow, AD? You are pretty high-echelon! Nicely done!

    I LOVE this outfit. All of it. The boots - yes, those would have slipped into my cart too! The skirt - okay, I need to know where you got that! I love stories about clothes, and hearing how you find them. The ruffled tee is perfect with this.

    I can't resist: buttons, laces, zippers, hook-and-eyes. Anything that fastens (well, maybe not velcro). It's like a sickness.