Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm laughing in this photo because my coworker was watching me from the kitchen area of this room and making me self conscious.

Scarf: ModCloth
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Dress: from Reykjavik
Boots: Fluevog Hope | Desire

This has been a very long week. I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow, however, I have a meeting to talk about my "performance goals" in the afternoon and I hate those meetings. They are so uncomfortable. I've rescheduled it twice now so I guess I better get it over with.

I bought this dress in Iceland. Reykjavik is a great place for clothing shopping, other than being expensive. This dress fabric is handwoven and nice and lightweight. And it'd my favourite colour.

I like this pin - which says "Good Kitty" because it looks like my cat, Dougal. It has a matching pin that says "Bad Kitty" which is a better description of Dougal. =)

This scarf has bunnies on it and is trimmed with heart shaped lace. Maybe I should have saved this for Valentine's Day?


  1. This is so adorable! The bunny scarf and kitten pin are subtle but amazing details. The fluevog's are in the perfect shade.

    Ohmy! I would be a giggly mess if other people watched me take photos. Funny how it can feel totally normal to post pictures online, but feel weird with people watching in public.

  2. I also love the cat pin and scarf (your Dougal sounds like my Vizzini). The texture of the dress is lovely, like a slubbed silk.

    I have been caught by my neighbours across from us when doing my stair pictures. They laugh at me. :(

  3. A bunny and lace scarf? Awww :)