Sunday, April 15, 2012


My photos from Friday will unfortunately never see the light of day because my photo card broke. Too bad since my outfit was so cute.

Here's a crappy iPhone photo that I took of my skirt and shoes.

Porcupine! I got this skirt from etsy from Salmon Street Studio which seems to have closed.

I was wearing my emerald green Smoking Lily blouse with it.

I may have mentioned on here that I have 3 cats - Dougal, Merlin and Jetta. Jetta was quite old when we adopted her - the shelter guessed she was about 10 - which was about 4 years ago. She's the sweetest cat in the whole world. On Thursday we noticed that she was off her food which is very unusual for her since there's nothing she likes more than food. Yesterday we took her to the vet and the news isn't great. She's lost almost a kilogram which is a lot when you only weigh 3kg to begin with, she was a bit dehydrated and there's lots of nastiness in her urine. Tomorrow she's having an ultrasound of her bladder to see if she has tumours and she's being tested for hyper-thyroidism. Poor little thing.

Spare a thought for my Jetta-girl tomorrow if you can.


  1. I hope the Jetta news improves. She looks sweet.
    Perhaps it's just a minor infection.
    Purrs and good luck to you both.

  2. Aww poor baby. Fingers crossed and hoping for good news. She and you will be in my thoughts. ♥

  3. ooh, poor baby! fingers crossed for her! Our ginger lost 1 kilo too due to diabetes (he weighed 5.4). he's now back to 5, so going the right way!

  4. I love, love, love that shot of your skirt, and would love to see more, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. awww this cat is sooo cute :)
    I love this post!!

  6. what a lovely outfit it must have been - the details got me drooling already!
    Hope kitty gets better :(

  7. Cat update! I got my numbers wrong, and since he went back to the vet this morning, i found out. our ginge was 4.6 originally, down to 3.9 at one point, now safely back at 4.4. he's not that much of a fatty!

  8. Definitely sending a nice thought to your kitty!

    Also, love the porcupine skirt, my best friend has a similar one, maybe from the same Etsy shop, who knows!

  9. Cool skirt and love the green t-strap shoes!

    Aw, your poor Jetta - she looks so much like my Othello that we lost a couple of years ago. I hope it goes well today at the vet. Thinking of your fam...